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President Biden should stop spitting on Uganda's national flag

US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden

In one of his speeches to the nation, President Museveni made interesting remarks.
He said "How can you find a married man and you lecture him on how to run his house? That shows contempt." 
It was not only disrespectful but arrogance of the highest order for the US president to make a directive to his so-called National Security Council to evaluate the impact on the anti-homosexuality law passed by the parliament of Uganda and signed by President Museveni.
It was a continuation of the US historical meddling and involvement in the affairs of other countries in the world. Who appointed them the masters of the world? Do they respect the sovereignty of other countries? Not at all.
The Ugandan parliament is mandated to make laws that protect the interests of the people of Uganda who voted them into parliament. Similarly, the US senate has the same mandate for the people of the United States of America.
I have never heard any country in the world complaining about the laws passed by the US senate and ordering inquiries into those laws, not because the world is always satisfied but because there must be respect for the sovereignty of independent countries and their internal affairs. 
The United States continued meddling in the affairs of different states in Africa and outside Africa has left several strong nations crumbling, some with no hopes of rising again. The events in Tripoli, Libya are still fresh in our minds. A country that was at one time having a fast growing economy was left in tatters with its citizens now seeking refugee in the neighboring countries.
Similarly, the Ukraine-Russia conflict was fueled and continues to escalate because of the involvement of the United States and their so-called allies. This devastating war has left thousands homeless and hundreds lifeless with no effort of bringing it to an end. Unfortunately, other countries that are not part of the conflict have ended up being affected by the outcomes of that war because a war never solely affects those involved.
I have watched the UN council sessions, different nations being asked to give their stand on that conflict through open voting, thank God several African countries have always decided to abstain because Africa has nothing to do with that conflict, in any case, we have always advised through our leaders that dialogue would do better than picking guns and fighting.  
Uganda's stand on homosexuality is derived from our cultural beliefs and values that have existed for decades, it is also derived from our strong Christian values. Ironically, Christianity was brought to Africa by foreigners who have since then started the journey of deviating from its values to the extent that recently the Church of England decided to allow the blessing of same-sex marriages.
Right from creation we know and understand that a man is meant for a woman not a man to fellow man, the homosexuality belief which was manufactured in the United States and is now being forced on other countries in the world isn't part of our values and norms, just like we are different in color and language,  our cultural beliefs and values also vary.
It mandates each one of us to respect one another's culture and that's how we shall coexist without collision or conflict. But if any country in the world forces its beliefs on another country then automatically it will lead to conflict.
Uganda doesn't have any problem with the people who are practicing homosexuality in the US because they do so in their own country and it is their right to do so however we feel uncomfortable for those same acts to be imported into Uganda and we have the right to reject those acts for the good of our children and the future of our country.
President Joe Biden's statement on the anti-homosexuality law that was passed and signed by President Museveni resurrects the memories of the dark days of colonialism and slave trade. It makes us remember that those brutal cases against humanity are still embraced and given a chance they would still do it once again without shame. Which offense did the President of Uganda commit to protect the children of the country he leads as president?

The writer is a deputy RDC Sheema district


+1 #1 Akot 2023-05-30 23:30
[President Biden should stop spitting on Uganda's national flag]


Old Biden is completely a used up/washed out man who should not even think of rerunning for presidency! His brain is no longer connected to reality; he can't talk well to make himself understood anymore!

Biden isn't aware Uganda is ruled by a migrant since 1986, no opposition is allowed & the lifetime ruler controls every institution!

But Biden is alright with Museveni's lifetime rule, ownership of Uganda & is making it clear to the world USA is alright with the inhumanity Museveni imposed & enslaved Ugandans!

Ah! Biden isn't aware Uganda isn't a country any more but a tribally divided ruled & owned by migrant Museveni who will be replaced by the son!

Biden is making USA democracy & system of rule a laughing stock as he levels it with Museveni's Uganda!
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+1 #2 JonSs 2023-05-30 23:55
I’m afraid this is Self inflicted pain and it appears your just shouting at yourself in a mirror.

If you wanted to tell off Biden then you’d have bought a space in Bloomberg or CNN, maybe the White House would have noticed.

But heyho just continue shouting and playing politics with your HIV patients-when you’re tired you can shelve your bill and go back with a begging basket to Biden
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0 #3 Lakwena 2023-05-31 11:05
Thanks Resident Dictator Orikunda.

Including their deadly gun law; nobody dictates what laws the American legislate for their people. But here is Dictator Biden trying to dictate what law/s Ugandans must legislate and enforce.

In other words, Dictator Biden's threat to withhold funding for HIV/Aids patients, is not only a blackmail, but a premeditating (concealed) genocidal sadistic human wrong.

Besides, who engineered the dehumanizing HIV/Aids Virus, into an eternal disease, for purposes of industrial pharmaceutical exploitation?
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0 #4 Fred Kintu 2023-06-05 13:09
""It was not only disrespectful but arrogance of the highest order for the US president to make a directive to his so-called National Security Council to evaluate the impact on the anti-homosexuality law passed by the parliament of Uganda and signed by President Museveni" - A silly statement.

Of course, America should make decisions based on assessment, like are Ugandans for this law? But after that assessment, to discount Ugandan feelings on the issue would be arrogance
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0 #5 Fred Kintu 2023-06-05 13:13
If they passed a law to kill opposition members deemed not to be patriotic enough, you would be the first screeching why America doesn't care about African lives!

America as a superpower ought to care about people all over the world, but they must assess what the majority views of a country are on a particular issue and if basic widely and internationally accepted human rights are being violated
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