Dear Pastor Bugingo, address the elephant in the room

Pastor Bugingo

Pastor Bugingo

There is an old English saying that an ostrich can bury its head in the sand and thinks that it is hiding.

Yet, the whole world is actually, seeing it!

The above analogy gives the perfect description of the House of Prayer International Ministries lead pastor, Aloysius Bugingo. Of recent, the pastor has been in the news for the wrong reasons.

However, unlike in the past where he personally took the blame for his litany of sins, this time round, he is busy pointing fingers at other pastors for his own woes. It all started with the recent pronouncement by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) that the license of Kayiwa International University (KINTU) was revoked in 2019 and, therefore, the institution cannot award degrees.

It is at this university that Pastor Bugingo attained his degree from. This degree was awarded to him at a time when the university had no authority to grant any academic award due to its wanting education needs, which occasioned the revocation of the license.

Of course, the news that followed the pronouncement by NCHE rotated around the fake degrees that KINTU awarded to its students such as Pastor Bugingo.

The other interesting bit was the fact that KINTU had no facilities to teach tertiary and higher education in the country. So, as usual, the media, in its role to shine a torch on wrongs in society, focused the spotlight on KINTU, and also followed up on some prominent people that were awarded fake degrees.

And, as usual, Bugingo was top on the list of prominent people that KINTU awarded fake degrees. However, instead of focusing on KINTU, and maybe, on how he can jump out of the fake degree quagmire, Bugingo went on a rampage.

He attacked the media, especially NBS TV and its proprietor, Kin Kariisa. The pastor also attacked fellow pastors, noting that they are the one fuelling his problems.

“I am here to stay and none of those fake pastors can bring me down,” Bugingo said in a sermon, where he also blamed other pastors for his failed marriage.

Dear Pastor Bugingo, kindly address the elephant in the room. It is not other pastors that asked NCHE to revoke KINTU license. It is not other pastors that told you to study from a university that was not competent to award degrees, certificates and diplomas.

It is not other pastors or the media that awarded you a fake degree. Actually, the elephant is in your room. Learn to address issues and stop blaming your problems on others.

As a pastor, you should be above reproach, or at least, be an exemplary person to the congregation and the flock that you shepherd. The real crisis that you must address is yourself. Just look into the mirror, and see the problem. It is not too late to change.

It will be madness of the highest order for you to cheat on your wife, elope with some mistress, and then, you turn around and blame other pastors for your marital problems.

The Entebbe Magistrate’s court is even on the record on the issues of elopement, and your subsequent confessions on the same sin, but as usual, you decided to blame other pastors.

There is a word called shame. Have some shame. Actually, instead of blaming other pastors for your problems, it will be prudent for you to repent and ask God for forgiveness so that you change your ways.

Settle your marital problems instead of wallowing in sin and blaming other pastors for your self-made and self- inflicted problems.

In Luganda, there’s a proverb that the eyes of a slaughtered cow always avoid looking at the butcher man or woman and look at the buyer. So, please Pastor Bugingo, look at the origin of your problems, and stop looking at other pastors who are not the originators of your woes.

The people you call fake pastors are the very people who you urgently need now as you navigate your stormy contours of life. You need them for counselling, prayers and true lecturing on how pastors behave and live a life that is exemplary to the people.

Your outcry over the fake degree you got is not helpful at this time. What you actually need to do, is to enrol for a degree at a reputable institution of higher learning so that you get a proper academic qualification rather than peddling fake papers from a fake university.

In fact, it is not too late for you, to put your House of Prayer and yourself, into order. Look into the mirror today, and the answers will be present. Lastly, the greatest room in the world is the room for improvement.

That room should be present every day in your life. Don’t blame other pastors, blame yourself, repent and improve. And don’t forget to ask God for forgiveness.

The author is a concerned citizen

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