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President Museveni misunderstood on science teachers salaries

A teacher in class

A teacher in class

I participated in a political radio talk show last Saturday and I heard different views of the people about the salary enhancement of science teachers.
The argument was that it's unfair for the government to consider only science teachers and leave out their colleagues who teach arts subjects. Some people said that it would cause some kind of conflict and disrespect at their places of work.
However much this argument could be correct, the president didn't say that the salary of the teachers who teach arts subjects shouldn't be enhanced. Frequently, we misinterpret the president's statements and mislead the public and sometimes lead to unnecessary demonstrations hence making students to lose out. 
The president's argument is, and I think he's right, for now, let's consider science teacher's because we do not have enough money as a country to consider both science and arts teachers. Then when money is enough or available, the teachers who teach art subjects will also be considered so that there's harmony and equity in payments.
The president said so because the science teachers are few as compared to the number of the teachers who teach arts subjects. Today, if a school loses a teacher who teaches chemistry, it will be difficult to replace that teacher.
However, if the school loses a teacher who teaches history that one can be replaced within a day because they're many. Secondly, the president has always told us about innovation, science and technology. All the countries which are developed have focused on industrialization, being able to produce a lot and export to other countries.
For instance, in Uganda today we still import toothpicks yet we have trees all over the country. If we had the capacity we would be able to produce our own toothpicks using our trees and import them to other African countries.
We can only manage this if we focus on science, technology and innovation. This is possible if we keep scientists in the country and not running away for greener pastures or giving up on their professions to do other things which can't benefit the entire country.
Those who have been engaging in sit down strikes are also being unfair to the government, and the children they teach. Simply because when the government promises, it always delivers as promised. The only challenge has been the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic which we are still recovering from.
It would be prudent and patriotic enough to keep at their workstations and keep serving meanwhile as government works on its promises of enhancing the salary of the science teachers. The teachers should remember that they were being paid when schools were closed during the Covid lockdown.
There's no single day the government stopped paying them when they weren't working, therefore they should be patriotic enough to understand the situation, know the government they're serving and keep at work stations.
People like soldiers work day and night and yet they earn little but you can never hear any of them complaining or laying down their tools in protest of poor pay. They still serve with passion and energy and they're always ready to carry on any assignments given to them, that's how we've been able to keep the country safe and secure from the enemies.
Payments are important, every worker should be paid, but sometimes some Ugandans act as if they're mercenaries. They behave as though they've been hired from foreign countries to work in Uganda.
There's no spirit of patriotism and commitment in them, all they see is salary enhancement and what they've gained but not what they've delivered for their own country.
This is a bad precedent that we are setting for our children and it might be hard to erase it from them. It might be difficult for us to develop our own country if we keep our focus and energy on what we take home as salary.
The writer is a deputy RDC Kyenjojo district


+3 #1 kibedi nkuutu 2022-05-12 15:37
This RDC is mixing up a lot of issues, and not addressing the major one: equal opportunities.

No one said the art teachers are ungrateful, or unpatriotic, unwilling to understand what the president said (some actually teach English literature, so they certainly understood the president).

Comparing the roles and responsibilities of other professionals is just another yardstick to marginalize the arts teachers.

These teachers all work in the same environ; they practically spend most of their time together and they have one mission: to teach our kids.

Now, under such an umbrella ,how can you convince the arts teachers that they are nothing short of unwanted, and disrespected by their own government?

Mr RDC, never argue on something you have no idea about. Ask the arts teachers how they feel, then you tell us what you think the president thought!
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+2 #2 Lakwena 2022-05-13 13:09
But Resident Dictator Orikunda, 36 years and counting, why don't we still have enough Science teachers?

36 years and counting, when was such a time when there were not enough science teachers under the leadership of previous regimes Mr. M7 referred to as swines?

36 years and counting; not only Science teachers but also medical doctors; why didn't these professionals look for greener pastures outside Uganda during the previous regimes?

36 years and counting, when will there be enough money to also favorably pay the humanities teachers?

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+2 #3 Lakwena 2022-05-13 13:14
36 years and counting which developed sic industrialized country/economy arbitrarily and unfavorably discriminated between and among the sciences and the humanities in their education policies?

In other words Resident Dictator Orikunda, criminals that have captured power can never develop a country/nation. I can go on and on, and at the end of the day, the only conclusion is that: whatever you are belaboring to justify is simply a desperate confession of a total and miserable 36-year regime's failure.

Dictator Gen Tibuhaburwa may continue to divide and rule Ugandans at all levels. But sooner than later the division and divided Ugandans at all levels will crumble and bury him and family members alive.

Never say never!

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+2 #4 Lakwena 2022-05-13 14:34
Resident Dictator Orikunda, suppose you are an English and/or History/Social Studies, etc. teacher; would you be happy with being paid less than a third (1/3) of what is paid to your state favored counterparts teaching Math and/or Biology?

If your answer is YES, you would be lying. And if the answer is NO, you would be a useful idiot and a FOOL.

In other words Resident Dictator, 36 years and counting, how much longer would you wait when Dictator Tibuhaburwa will finally fulfill the empty promise of also enhancing the Humanities teachers salaries?

At this rate, on the one hand; how many of the Science teachers would have already educated their higher educated scientific children?
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+1 #5 Lakwena 2022-05-13 14:42
On the other hand; given their meager salaries (a third of Science teachers salary); how many of the Humanities teachers would have afforded to educate their children to higher education (science) status?

And Resident Dictator Orikunda, if everybody became scientists who will e.g., teach English to your blue eyed science children?

Resident Dictator Orikunda, you and your Boss, Gen Tibuhaburwa would have been better of being witch-doctors than political leaders.

In other words, for 36 years and counting; you are the worst things that ever happened to Ugandans.

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0 #6 Lakwena 2022-05-13 14:56
36 years and counting, Gen Tibuhaburwa has not only been the Author, Master and Executioner of Violence on Ugandans, but also the Master of the Permanent Unemployment of Ugandans youths (87%).

36 years and counting; many Ugandans have hopelessly now come to the conclusion that Dictator Gen Idi Amin Dada (RIP) was far better than Dictator Gen Tibuhaburwa.

Otherwise e.g. the number of our youths, street kids, and including Graduate ones vending foreign imported fruits, tooth picks and safety pins; would not be that bewildering.

Wachireba Resident Dictator Orikunda?
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+1 #7 Jama 2022-05-13 16:39
Cadre Orikunda , it's the few alienated ones like you who can always agree with any unpopular measure takby your leader.

If its for the cause of development no reason reasonable Ugandans will agree with you
It's approaching four decades since you began running this country, nothing in this world could have prevented from developing this country.
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