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Your mail: Bobi Wine should move on

Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine

After interviewing President Museveni last week, this week France24 had a follow-up interview with Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, who is the former National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate.

In his response, I was surprised that Bobi Wine was still declaring himself the duly elected president of Uganda, eight months after the January 2021 presidential elections!

It has become customary for the runner-up, in presidential elections held in this country, to claim he was cheated out of victory in the post-election period. Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) did the same thing. Why not graciously concede defeat rather than continue a pointless narrative that you were cheated out of victory?

As the interviewer, Marc Perelman, rightly stated, “The West has moved on, the African Union has moved on...are you still considering yourself the elected president or have you yourself decided to move on?”

Why is Bobi Wine still fixated on the presidential elections? Ugandans have moved on. Furthermore, Bobi Wine made wild allegations claiming, Gen. Museveni has congratulated those that murdered Ugandans, he has ordered for the abduction of Ugandans ...”

Since when has Gen. Museveni congratulated murderers? On the contrary, Museveni has never had any kind words for murderers and serial killers. He has always publically condemned them, on several occasions, promising such criminals will be defeated; the most recent being the Masaka machete murderers.

Concerning the security forces Bobi Wine always castigates, Uganda remains the most secure country in the East African region. In fact, police investigations have found it is NUP elements who are the instigators of much of the violence we have seen in recent months. 

In conclusion, Bobi Wine said Ugandans should judge President Museveni by his actions, not his words. Well, that works both ways. Ugandans should also judge Bobi Wine’s actions. For example, who is funding him?

Josepha Jabo,

Karamoja cattle rustling needs new strategy

I read an article where the minister of state for Karamoja Affairs, Agnes Nandutu apologized over the attacks in Karamoja in a recent cross-border meeting.

To me, this won’t solve anything at all since we seem to be missing some bold facts we knew right from the beginning of all these happenings.

First of all, it is sad that amidst hard times of harsh climatic and weather conditions, came the current pandemic and worse still the insecurity marred by attacks to civilians’ loss of lives and property. And yet we have continued to boast of our professional army, whose presence we thought could bring everlasting peace in this region.

But to date, nothing has been tangibly seen apart from the few guns and meaningless arrests of civilians  during the voluntary disarmament exercise that has not yet yielded fruits due to gaps that the ministry is overlooking.

The government should accept it has failed to protect the people and their property from rustlers.  Government should listen to what the local leaders are saying. This vice will not be contained unless all sides have an honest conversation about who is behind this vice.  

If we are to end this chronic cattle rustling in this region, the energetic minister should be able to first of understand the dynamics of this region and quickly come up with practical solutions.

Solutions such as fixing gaps to build cohesion between civilians and the army, UPDF cleaning its house in exercising its mandate by being professional, mapping of kraals in the regions to identify the owners, number of animals and if possible tagging of the animals for easy identification.

Desmond Kenyi,
Thumbs up, KCCA!

Over the years, KCCA-constructed roads have been either defective or poorly done that even some have had to be repaired before commissioning. The issues of quality of works, workmanship, size of the road, project timelines, drainage channels, etc have been in a poor state.

The Mengo Lungujja-Nateete, Agenda 2000-UNBS roads were defective from the onset. Having open drainage channels that attracts all rubbish was a design of 1900 era. It was possible for KCCA to repair potholes of the road either under construction or commissioned 12 months ago.

However, there is visible positive turn of events. The abovementioned roads look solid in every angle. The workmanship, size of the road, road makings and signage’s, pedestrian walkways, actual tarmacking, traffic lights being installed, all point to good quality works being done.  As a Kampala/Wakiso resident and user of these roads, I am satisfied by the work done so far.

As a form of feedback from the service or product consumer, I gladly register my satisfaction to KCCA team that these roads are a positive sign on project management.

Finally, Dorothy Kisaka, the KCCA executive director, let the Kabuusu-Lweza and Makindye - Buziga roads be the flag mast of your legacy at KCCA. Let us see many beautiful, quality, timely projects start and end on time. The business community wants quick service.

Samson Tinka,

Companies should respect climate change

For the average private entity fund, the concept of climate change seems distant and inapplicable. This could not be less true.

It has been found that only 100 companies around the world are responsible for about 71 per cent of industrial emissions that cause global warming. Equally, the private sector can and should be an active participant in curbing the threat of Climate Change.

On the international scene, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Kyoto Protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change and the Paris Agreement, 2015 are some of the legal instruments in place to facilitate climate change mitigation, adaptation and finance. Uganda is a party to all these treaties.

A few days ago, President Museveni assented to the National Climate Change Act to give these international instruments force of law in Uganda.

Section 22 of the National Climate Change Act provides that the minister in charge of climate change matters, through regulations, may impose obligations relating to climate change. Under this section, private entities shall be required to prepare a climate change mitigation and adaptation plan.

Section 25 of the Act makes provision for legal action to be brought against an entity whose action or omission threatens or is likely to threaten efforts towards adaptation to or mitigation of climate change. The section extends the right to bring such a legal action to even those who have not necessarily suffered personal injury.

These two provisions have the net effect of moving climate change mitigation and adaptation from the realm of ‘merely’ corporate social responsibility actions to that of legal obligations and corporate risk. The Act also makes Uganda an international leader of climate liability regulations for companies.

Under the Companies Act, the duties of directors include acting in good faith, in a manner that promotes the success of the business of the company.

In tandem with the provisions of the Act, these duties would require that the board of a company seriously considers the matter of climate change and how it may affect the company business.

Section 25 means that now litigation may be brought against companies if a party feels aggrieved that the actions or omissions of that company threaten efforts towards the mitigation of climate change. There is already precedent for such litigation.

Such litigation, whether successful or not, can have far-reaching economic, reputational and human resource consequences for a company. Section 22 will require that companies evaluate their activities, policies and initiatives and determine how best these may align with climate change legislation and best practices.

Jonathan Kiwana,



+1 #1 Akot 2021-09-23 14:00
Bobi Wine,

You weren't, aren't, won't be opponent to Museveni as long as the tribalistic system stands!

Not even your own tribal leader has come out to support you, while having meetings with Museveni at State House, right?

As long as Ugandans maintain the tribalistic system, they will have Museveni & family, as no Ugandan from a tribal land will ever be a National Opposition Leader!

Calling for an end to the tribalistic system/tribal leders standing down & UNITY are all that are needed, if you & Ugandans want Museveni & family out!

Until then, Ugandans will be alone with Museveni & family, while the otuside world ignores tribally divided & ruled Ugandans!

Bobi Wine, do you want Uganda/Ugandans FREE of Museveni's family or not?
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