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How excellent is the president?

President Yoweri Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni

Each and everyone has one or two things that discombobulate them. For me, I have come today to tell you about what bothers me - to address Gen. Yoweri Museveni as his excellency or fountain of honor.

The noun excellency comes from excellent which means the quality of being outstanding or extremely good as per Oxford English dictionary. So the title 'excellency' is a form of address given to presidents, vice presidents or ambassadors whose characteristics are first class, superiority in virtue and not mediocre.

Such titles should be a reserve for leaders who exude exceptional character, not these pathological liars who group themselves with guns to catapult a government then agglutinate themselves into power as malignant leaders who do not value reciprocal obligations but want allegiance from a disgruntled population whose discontentment is looked upon as recalcitrance.

Our allegiance shouldn't come on a silver plate as though we are docile. In thinking that we are docile, that is why they act as though they are not bound to the reciprocal obligations which come with leadership positions.

We were told that to err is human but as Barack Obama once said, leadership comes with responsibility to admit mistakes and to speak the truth all the time. If a leader speaks the truth, behaves like a human being, admits mistakes, presides over a country where critics are not pariahs—why not address them in their excellency? 

What is excellent in a leader who, after taking an oath of office, stands in a bulletproof cage to threaten the extinction of opposition or those who speak truth to power? We have seen other leaders giving inaugural speeches promising to be presidents of all countrymen and women regardless of whether they voted for them or not but for Museveni thinks that to command respect and allegiance, he must threaten his critics and in doing so, he loses the excellence and honor to be addressed as his excellency or fountain of honor.

I mean, if you promise to use your power as a president to crush me or to make me a pariah in my own country, why should I not wonder at the excellency title you own?

What is excellent in a leader who takes all the credit but transfers the blame to other people?

My issue is: we live in a country where a president is a liar, never admits mistakes, re-appoints looters (I do not know whether he loves the slogan 'a looter continua'), glorifies extrajudicial murders as long as they are opposition and demonstrating their disgust against his warped methods, violates or bends the law to favor his exaggerated self-importance—and still he is addressed as his excellency or fountain of honor? What is excellent in such actions?

Leaders who transude excellence, know when to go, they do not bribe lawmakers to remove the limits from the supreme law such that they cement themselves in power until they die. The dogma of heaping encomiums on a leader regardless of their flaws which they do not admit is for cowards. These leaders need to be told the truth in lieu of being their desperate chamchas.

If other presidents are excellent in their characters and they admit mistakes and speak the truth, respect the law, and treat citizens equally - then they qualify the titles excellency and fountain of honor but these ones here who do contrary to what is expected of a leader, personally I have no shame and fear in addressing them as despots or in accordance with their actions. 

One cannot steal public funds meant for putting drugs in hospitals and due to lack of the same, patients die and you refer to such a leader as an honorable person. What is honorable about stealing?

There is a dictum in Ruhororo that 'Okubaziika heihi nikyo kyikutuma banuuka' literally means that the reason the dead smell even after the burial is because they are buried in shallow graves.

There is no shame in addressing Museveni as a despot and a failure. I do not need to be rich or high profile to remind the president that he is not excellent, his character is paradigmatic of stinking dictatorship and maladministration.



+1 #11 Solo 2021-09-17 09:19
May be it is this habit of calling these thugs these endearing names that gives them the guts to continue on the same trajectory? In Luganda this is "okukiina." Tubakiina nti ba kitalo, nabo nebamela!

They are told they are excellent when in actual sense they are failures, so they don't see any reason to change.

We are partly to blame because we are so afraid to bruise their egos, we have even enacted laws like to make it a crime to annoy the person of the president.....What nonsense is this?
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0 #12 Remase 2021-09-17 21:05
Kakwenza, I have asked before, why your articles are not in print but only on line?

Your articles are a must read both ways in order to have a wider coverage and audience. You make to much sense and we are all to blame for glorify M7 and his cronies!

We lack true leadership of a true person with a conscience and motivation skills to inspire us to draw the line and say enough is enough.

However, we have leaders who are motivated by greed and self gratification. For example, you have a leader like Katikiro Mayiga.
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-1 #13 Remase 2021-09-17 23:56
Not to your extent, but Mayiga (together with Segona &Namboze) was once kidnapped and tortured.

However, after being made Katikiro, M7 gave him his SFC for protection and God knows what else! Since then Mayiga has use his Lukiko in Mengo to passionately urge the nation to love his "excellency" president M7 and further accept M7's rigged elections, Mbu because M7 is the best president Uganda has ever had!

We all know how influential and powerful the Katikiro of Buganda is, so if that is what Mayiga believes M7 to be, what you expect from others?

How do we seperate Mayiga from Betty Kamya, Basaja Mivule, Fool Figure, Baby Cool, Mama Mabira and others who believe that M7 is excellent? That's where our problem lies, because people like Mayiga who are influential believe that M7 is excellent and should rule us for life!
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