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Your mail: Listen to Besigye’s Covid-19 message

Kizza Besigye has a powerful message on this virus. In fact, Besigye should be standing shoulder to shoulder with President Museveni in press briefings and guide the public on what to do.

Politics should be put aside, for now. The enemy is the coronavirus. Besigye talked about stress and the impact it has on the immune system of a person. For many, it’s all we have, considering the lousy healthy system in our country.

He said people should drink plenty of water, eat plenty of healthy foods, vitamin C, and breathe, breathe, breathe. Reducing contact with people is essential, hard as that is.  Our best shot to fight this, especially in Africa, is our body immunity.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba,
London, UK.

We shall beat the virus

Last year, I had a memorable journey to China. This is one of those places one should go to before they die. The most interesting thing in China is that even when you don’t speak their language, you can still feel at home.

Now, just mention the word China, and coronavirus is what comes to one’s mind. It’s really disturbing. No one has been spared by this virus. No business, no flights, no tours, no work, name it.

However, all Ugandans must know that this situation is temporary. Let us all just be patient and vigilant as we adjust to the new guidelines and orders that have been put in place by the president and the ministry of Health.

It’s already clear that the lockdown will have consequences to our economy but first things first, we have to be safe because life is so precious and cannot equal to anything. Now is the time to pull together and work together.

Michael Woira,

Stop price hikes!

Dear Mr. President,

I commend you and your government for the efforts to counter the spread of coronavirus. However, for many Ugandans, the challenge is quickly shifting from the health emergency to economic emergency. All young men and women who have been surviving on small businesses are at home.

As expected, unscrupulous Ugandans who have no feelings for others are taking advantage of this absurd situation to increase prices of everything, even where it is unnecessary.

When the government began the lockdown, trucks and cargo planes were given special treatment. I do not believe that the disruption of the supply chains has quickly deteriorated to warrant the reap-off that is taking place.

If many people are suffering within a few days of the lockdown, what will happen in a month? We need to quickly handle these concurrently; otherwise, we may end up with a country of thieves, zombies and a physically impaired population.

I have been asking myself how many average urban-based Ugandans can sustain staying home for three weeks. No savings, no unemployment insurance, no state relief. This is a big puzzle.

Gerald Werikhe Wanzala,

United Kingdom, remain vigilant

Many Ugandans have put into practice the directives by President Museveni and the ministry of Health to fight against the coronavirus.  

Appraisal goes to all citizens who have made washing their hands, wearing masks, social distancing a social culture as per fight against the Covid-19.  

Many people are covering their faces with masks; taxi drivers and some motorcyclists have adopted to washing their customers’ hands before they use their means, and also sanitizing them, which is a great attribute towards fighting the pandemic.

Many supermarkets and other big malls have put measures to fight the virus through giving the customers gloves and sanitizers before they hold their shopping equipment. We should be safe as Ugandans and continue being cautious.

Agatha Tumuhirwe,

Church ban a blessing

The ban on church gathering is a blessing and an opportunity for the church to concentrate on establishing its roots. The true roots and basis of the church is the family altar. It is family altars that come together to make the church.

The coronavirus has just simply taken the church back to the Bible days when the apostles were laying the foundations of the church. These large churches and congregations we see started as home Family Prayer Altars in homes of the apostles (Acts 2:46).

True faith begins in the family and at the Family Prayer Altar when a man and his family decide to serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). Last Sunday was the first Sunday of the quarantine against coronavirus. There is a wrath because first there was locusts, now disease and floods.

In the book of Isaiah 26:20, the Bible commands us on what to do. The Bible directs us to go into quarantine. The verse says “Go my people, enter your inner room, and shut your doors behind you. Hide yourselves for a brief moment until the wrath has passed by.”

The president has declared that the brief moment shall be a 30-day national lockdown. But again 2 chronicles 7:14 says when calamities strike, God’s people should pray and he will hear them.

Therefore, if you are one of those Christians who have been having no home prayer altar, please consecrate an altar in your home immediately by this Sunday.

You can get free advice on what you need to do. People are asking who will preside over the home Family Altar and who will give Holy communion.

But the Bible has already consecrated all fathers in every family as royal priests. We are a whole nation of priests (1st Peter 2: 9, 1st Peter 2:5 Exodus 19:6). Fathers instruct while mothers teach (Proverbs 22:6). And where there is no father, the mother does both.

This ban will give parents the chance to do God’s will, i.e.  that the parents must teach their children in their homes at Family Prayer Altars. (Deuteronomy 11:19).

Maybe after the 30 days’ quarantine and home altars prayers, the church will have gotten back on a correct footing. Jesus Christ had warned us that a time was coming when we shall not be able to pray in a temple or church building.

These are the times (John 4;21). Moreso, and most importantly during the surmon on the mount, Jesus himself said true prayer is not in the synagogue or church buildings but when you shut your door to your room at home and pray in private. This is written in Matthew 6;6.

Through the coronavirus, God has moved His congregation from churches that were beginning to preach vanity to home Family Altars for the parents to teach true values to His children.

Alenyo George William,



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