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Your mail: Get involved in national curriculum review

The national curriculum review, especially for the O’ Level section, is undergoing assessment with those in charge saying it is for the good of our education.

The curriculum is key to the educational needs of our children who are the future of this country. There have been proposals made by the National Curriculum Development Centre and I am not aware of any deliberate consultations of parents and learners.

As such, there cannot be a curriculum review without the input of those it is being reviewed for!

We have had several proposals coming from different corridors concerning what kind of education our children are getting and the strongest argument has been to design a curriculum that suits our context and needs rather than importing certain systems.

How many students or student bodies have been consulted on this process? How many parents have participated in this review? We should not take this review lightly as it has adverse effects on the future of the children and hence the entire country.

Let us consult as widely as possible, and not rush the process. We need to have core subjects that will be useful to our children and the future of this country.

I, therefore,  call upon all parents to take this matter seriously and demand that they are consulted and that the students too engage in the process.

Michael Aboneka,

Use social media in sports

Since 1995, digital media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and the like have evolved to being the primary source of information and news, as young people prefer mobile-based news and video channels that offer various options at one’s convenience.

The potential in the digital market is there for the most sports organizations and clubs to exploit. For instance, according to the 2019 digital report on Africa by Hootsuite, 80 per cent of the population in Africa that is slightly more than one billion people have a subscription to a mobile phone.

There are 473 million internet users, 216 million active social media users and even more interestingly, there are 202.4 million active mobile social media users.

These users are usually young people who access social media platforms on their mobile phones. These young people are “trendy” and look out for the latest trends on the market. They follow individual superstars such as footballers like Salah, Mane and other non-sport celebrities all-over the world.

In Uganda, sports, especially football, is enjoyed by many people. Using well-crafted and creative ways, digital platforms have the potential to help clubs, sports associations, reconnect and connect with their fans, open up a new market and attract potential sponsors and advertisers, improve on fun engagement and experience.

For clubs and sports associations, the idea is to incorporate digital platforms in their departments such as marketing, communication, fan engagement, ticketing, reach and engagement and merchandising.

Ismail Asiimwe,

Stop prostitution

Prostitution might be the world’s oldest profession but, by no means should it be legalized in Uganda.

Prostitution destroys marriages and, depending on a client’s marital status, whoever buys a prostitute is committing fornication or adultery.

In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 6:16 (RSV) says: “Do you not know that he who joins himself to a prostitute becomes one body with her? For, as it is written, The two shall become one flesh.”

In addition, a common saying goes, ‘A moment of pleasure is a lifetime of pain.’

Most prostitutes fear going to hospitals for medical checkup because they are afraid they have contracted sexually transmitted diseases, especially if they know they have been engaging in live sex, that is sexual intercourse without condoms.

There are also male prostitutes in Uganda who engage in homosexuality. Since it is an illegal trade, Uganda Police should not work with prostitutes but, rather, start making arrests.

Let’s turn to neighbourhood watch

Insecurity needs to be tackled by all of us, and not just the security agencies.

Why don’t we introduce a system of neighborhood watch and implement it on a higher standard? I know it has been already existing but most Ugandans take it for granted.  

The Local Defense Unit (LDU) are there, but now it’s like they need our assistance. Most of the developed countries use this system and this has enabled them to ensure that there is safety in their neighbourhoods.

While is it not a guarantee that all criminals will be wiped out with the implementation of the neighbourhood watch, it will at least help in tackling some of the security breaches.

Sharing contacts among neighbours can help because a fellow neighbour can alert the other in case of trouble.  

Kevin Seguya

FDC should sort its house

When Judith Adyeke, the FDC Kaabong Woman Member of Parliament by-election flag bearer, withdrew her candidature on matters that remain unknown, we received a letter from the FDC secretary general blocking her withdrawal.

Instead of managing such a small matter internally as a party, FDC resorted to accusing President Museveni of bribing Adyeke to withdraw her candidature.

Although this was expected from FDC members, it has gone beyond than it should, and the public now realizes that President Museveni’s name is becoming a slogan in all FDC’s failure.

While addressing a press conference recently, FDC’s spokesperson, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, said that they received reports that Adyeke held a secret meeting with President Museveni in Moroto and she was offered Shs 1.2bn and promised a job if she left the NRM candidate win.

Adyeke’s withdrawal showed that FDC has failed to create and disseminate a strong message that can retain its supporters and candidates.

FDC should focus on issues which will help its party to grow. As a politician who foresees what may happen, Adyeke must have realised that she could not win the election and instead of wasting her resources and time, she decided to quit.

David Serumaga,



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