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Your mail: UHRC is in sorry state

UHRC chairperson chairperson Meddie Kaggwa

UHRC chairperson chairperson Meddie Kaggwa

The Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) premises on Buganda road are in deplorable conditions.

I guess that is reason why they shifted most of their offices to renting in Twed Plaza which happens to also house Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). In 2005, a concept to build a Justice, Law and Order Sector (JLOS) Tower was conceived.

It was envisioned that the JLOS Tower, which is to be constructed on Katalima road in Naguru in Kampala, is to accommodate various JLOS institutions among others, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, UHRC, different divisions of the High court, and Judicial Service Commission.

The motive of this is to save taxpayers’ money, which is spent in renting JLOS sectors. However, a decade or so down the road, the project is yet to bear fruits. What could be hindering this good initiative? Some JLOS institutions have been coming out in recent times lobbying hard for the increment of their salaries.

JLOS should also enthusiastically ask for their salary increment to lobby for JLOS house or else the project risks stalling forever.

Kenedy Musekura,

Police should protect mobile money agents

There have been more than 37 cases of robbery of mobile money agents across the country in the last couple of months. This comes barely a few months after the call and installation of street cameras in a bid to curb crime.

It is sickening to see that crime keeps increasing despite billions of shillings spent in recruiting LDUs, installing cameras, purchasing tri-cycles (which by the way I have never seen). There should be no reason why security lapses should exist with all these measures in place.

The police have now abdicated their responsibility of protecting the citizens to asking them to protect themselves. The police have instructed mobile money agents to hire personal guards from private security firms to provide them with security.

This is deplorable. One wonders why the police is advising the agents to hire private guards. Is it a business ploy?

The mobile money agents are taxpayers who deserve to be protected too. For police to ask them to sort their own security is a vote of no confidence. These agents earn between Shs 200,000 and 400,000 as commission per month, pay trade fees and rent, among others.

The average cost of hiring a security guard and other accessories is about Shs 400,000 per month! Where will they get these monies from? Is anyone thinking seriously about this?

Michael Aboneka,

Solve public transport problems now

The problem with our poor public transport system is bigger than meets the eye. Many taxis are in a poor mechanical condition and others are too old to carry people. But they still do.

In fact, many of the vehicles that are in taxi parks are too old to ply long routes. The reason as to why passengers’ lives are at risk is because government policies never stand the test of time.

Government banned importation of vehicles beyond 15 years but waved it before it commenced. Government wanted to inspect vehicles, and indeed started the process, but was later dropped after a public outcry. We need rules that are sustainable.

Disan Tweheyo,

DP is undemocratic on Jose Chameleone

Democratic Party top officials should respect the party. After registering and introducing their new comers, Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, his brother Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso and the faded former Mukono North member of parliament Hon Bakaluba Mukasa, the Democratic Party top management ironically declared Chameleone as their flag bearer in the 2021 general election for the position of the lord mayor of Kampala.

A few months ago, the NRM Central Executive Committee members camped at Chobe Safari lodge and declared President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate, a decision which opposition members, including the DP President- general Norbert Mao, strongly criticized.

Their argument was that CEC was undemocratic for declaring President Museveni a sole candidate without organizing party primaries.

Now, the DP members who termed NRM as undemocratic, have also proved how undemocratic and untruthful they are to declare Jose Chameleone as their sole candidate without giving a chance to other party members, to contest in the primaries. Currently, DP has three candidates who have shown interest in the position of the lord mayor.

These include: Erias Lukwago, Hon. Latif Ssebaggala and the newly baptized Jose Chameleone. We wonder which criteria Norbert Mao and his team used to declare Chameleone as their flag bearer.

I know that they might be driven by Chameleone’s popularity, forgetting that leadership and democracy cannot be weighed on someone’s popularity but, rather, on someone’s plans and policies.

DP might be excited to have signed a popular person forgetting that his name is a true definition of his behaviours.

David Serumaga


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