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It’s time to question Katureebe

Chief justice Bart Katureebe

Chief justice Bart Katureebe

Between May 30 and June 6, 2019, I was in Mityana, Mubende, Kyenjojo, Fort Portal and Kasese fundraising for Shs 394 million to help finance my costs as we seek to annul the removal of the age limit for presidential candidates from our Constitution at the East African Court of Justice.

While people in the countryside are victims of poor service delivery and the breakdown of the rule of law, a group of elites is highly guarded by policemen who are supposed to be policing the countryside. Take Bart Katureebe, the chief justice, who has just returned from abroad for treatment and yet many Ugandans like me are treated in our dilapidated health system.

In The Observer of July 24, 2016, Katureebe stated: “…I explained to my father what I was going to study at Makerere. He was really disappointed. He said that people had told him that lawyers were liars, thieves. He had a very different view of what lawyers are…” Unfortunately, based on his actions, Katureebe is slowing joining this crop of lawyers.

Katureebe has disobeyed the Constitution, upheld its illegal and violent amendment, made judgments which defeat common sense and openly divided the apex court, putting justice at a great risk.

In 2013, Article 131(2) of the Constitution provided that “When hearing appeals from decisions of the Court of Appeal sitting as a constitutional court, the Supreme court shall consist of a full bench of all members of the Supreme court…”

In Ssekikubo’s case, Katureebe convened court without Justice Arach Amoko and when challenged by Mr. Elison Karuhanga, Katureebe answered, “We are properly constituted.” This was not true; that is why the Constitution was amended in 2015 to provide for a quorum of seven justices.

On May 28, 2019, Katureebe was quoted: “I later decided that all the 11 justices be involved in the appeal even if not all of us were to be on the seven-man panel…” There is no law empowering Supreme Court justices to merely be involved in cases. What Section 7 of the Judicature Act provides for is “hearing and determining an appeal.”

In The Observer of March 11, 2015, Katureebe said: “I sit at the Supreme court and as far as I know, there is no division at all...”

However, four years into his tenure as chief justice, he has split the court. On May 28, 2019, Katureebe said that “Composing a panel is a discretion of the Chief Justice. She (Justice Faith Mwondha) is the only one complaining out of the four justices who were left out, why?”

That was a response to Justice Mwondha’s memo to him where the former IGG wrote, “When the panel was constituted, I was not consulted…,”, “…your lordship have consistently and deliberately depicted me as a non-performer for your own reasons unknown to me…you have completely ignored my seniority and experience on the bench in the judiciary and elsewhere,” and “…let me restate that the reason as to why I am not participating in the appeal in issue is not that I am out of the country….I have put the record straight bearing in mind that the truth shall set me free.”

From the words of Justice Mwondha, Katureebe was dishonest in stating that she was not taking part in the age-limit appeal due to her travel abroad. If Mwondha’s accusation was true, shouldn’t we question Katureebe’s role as chief justice in protecting our constitution?

Katureebe has slowly dug deep pits within the Supreme court whose victims will be the litigants.


The author is a petitioner against age-limit removal.


+3 #1 Remase 2019-06-12 16:33
Mabirizi, "Take Bart Katureebe, the chief justice, who has just returned from abroad for treatment and yet many Ugandans like me are treated in our dilapidated health system." Katureebe, let's see, isn't a chief justice but a chief crook (CC)!

As a CC, his main job is to keep the president of the crooks, M7, in power. Fellow Ugandans, we need to reclaim our power and restore the rule of law.

There is absolutely nothing we can do at the moment because our state is captured. All the 3 branches of govt, executive, parliament and judicially are all captured by one man, M7, together with his family/relatives. A fish rots from the head.

The head, M7, is rotten, another head, the parliament (Kadaga and NRM) is rotten and the CC Katureebe is also rotten, so what is expected of a bunch rotten crooks?

Looting the country naked! And what do the triple M7 say? 33 years aren't enough, awangale ai Sabalwanyi M7! I'm not a smart phone person, but there is a video taking rounds which has a
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0 #2 Remase 2019-06-12 16:42
Musoma man who said that Ugandans are like a chicken which is killed by way of torture.

He says that, "Abantu abaamu tebayidi kwita nkoko. Baasiba enkoko ku muuti nga enkaliko amutwe, mee baagimanga, enkoko yakyolya, yakyolya, nga bo baa manga bu manzi, enkoko yakyolya! That man was comparing how M7 is doing to Ugandan, he said M7 yatumanga twakyolya!
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0 #3 Remase 2019-06-12 18:41
It's clearly stated in the constitution and also imperative that any case from the concourt to the supreme court should consist of a full bench of all members of supreme court.

The constitution doesn't give the chief crook, Katureebe, the discretion to compose a panel. Well, what do we expect from a chief crook? Fellow Ugandans, a country that is ruled by rule of crooks is no country.

It's the rule of law that matters the most, where all Ugandans are governed by the same constitution. However, we, Ugandans, made our views very clear, in the Odoki and Prof. Sempebwa's commissions, of how we would like to be governed.

It's M7, NRM, and CC Katureebe who have changed the constitution so that they can loot Uganda for life. Katureebe feels so good to enjoy exclusive rights of being treated overseas!

Then the triple M, Mengo/Mayiga/Mutebi are saying that 33 years of the buch of crooks have been "Mawa!" Therefore we should have more for life! In other wards, Awangale ai Sabalwanyi M7!
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-1 #4 Robert Atuhairwe 2019-06-12 22:07
How is the fundraising going?
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+1 #5 kabayekka 2019-06-13 01:53
You cannot waste time to question how the NRM judicial cadres should be doing their work.

The best this lawyer can do is to do as he can possibly do to take this NRM government to the East African Court of Law.

If he fails, well the country of Uganda will have to revert to calling out referendums to sort out very important decisions.

One is of the opinion that going to the African bush to solve modern political problems on the continent of Africa is uncivilized. Most citizens living on the continent do not get any benefits from incessant African military civil wars of liberation.
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-1 #6 Wooden K. 2019-06-13 15:53
Fello Ugandans , here we go again !

" Thats what I said..but that is not what I meant " said President Trump

CNN went into shock . These well dressed CNN people jumped out their skins , wondering and wonderin when Trump will ever stop saying silly things.

On my part , I was shocked by CNN`s shock .

I did not see anything silly or contradictory in Trump`s statement. I figured out that he had said something which CNN had wrongly interpreted, distorted or spinned to mean what CNN wanted it to mean.

Ladies & gentlemen , Remase is obsessed and paranoid about Buganda like CNN is with Trump.

Fortunately , Remase is not smart enough to make his nonsense stick
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-1 #7 Omutaka 2019-06-14 03:34
I am applying to courts to have you Mabirizi show me all your private bank accounts so that ascertain if the money you have been collecting from fundraising around uganda is all properly accounted for.

Failure to hand to me all your private bank accounts in 5 days and you will be sued and compelled to pay me legal costs of at least 5 billions.
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+1 #8 Zaitun 2019-06-16 09:41
This Katuramu man loves money beyond the free air he is breathing..

Is he going to use it for bribing God on his last day on earth? I doubt if he will succeed.

As far as I know, Lucifer is already in tears laughing at him.

Get ready to bribe to go to everlasting life, if you are a man!
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+1 #9 kirya 2019-06-18 02:51
The Chief justice is the chief fixer of m7. He has no morals and does not add value to the court.

He is not senile but his thinking box has been long corrupted. He does not see beyond today!
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0 #10 Wainainchi 2019-06-20 01:18
You may agree or disagree with Justice Karurebe but if you are talking in negatives you are WRONG!

I have known Supreme Justice before many if you were born when he was a young lawyer working hard in critical tines in Kampala He was always professional and serious as well dedicated.

Suvh a person is indeed rate in Uganda U as a long time friend of Supreme Justice can say only BEST OF YHR BEST WORDS AND REGERENCES.

For you who are always mumbling and grumbling I have only pitty in you since you are evil and bad characters
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