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These are shoes worth kissing!

Akiss is a benediction of love, honour, adoration, affection or even worship! people kiss all manner of objects from various body parts to inanimate things like rings, trophies, cars, football boots and even papers, simply because of the significance of these objects in their hearts, which also differs from heart to heart. So, it is clear that a kiss is not evil in any way.

But when Joseph Kabuleta kissed the shoe of Prophet Elvis Mbonye, it became a matter of both national and religious concern. Zealous religious leaders like Pastor Joseph Serwadda and members of parliament came out to condemn the act in the strongest terms possible. This was clearly the highest show of hypocrisy for people who claim to be Bible scholars.

Yet when the pope kissed the shoes of the president of South Sudan Salva Kiir, the same people looked the other way. The hypocrites pretend not to be concerned by this action. These hypocrites should have kept quite if they did not understand the motivations behind Kabuleta’s actions. When you condemn what you do not understand, you risk offending the King or God out of ignorance.

Whoever condemned what Kabuleta did without understanding the reasons and motivations behind his actions, has no right to give a public opinion anymore or hold any form of public office.

If you condemned Kabuleta for his actions and you are now shifting goalposts concerning the pope’s actions who is very highly regarded in some circles worldwide, if you are not Salva Kiir whose shoes the pope kissed, if you are not an international media agency that informs the public and if you are not Kabuleta who boldly kissed the Prophet’s shoe as an act of worship and adoration to the God the prophet serves and represents on the earth, and if you are not the prophet whose shoes are worth kissing by Kabuleta, yet you condemned Kabuleta, you are backward, carnal, depraved, a hypocrite, and a good-for-nothing infidel.

Even the Catholics who follow the pope look upon you as the most degenerate fool on earth for despising their beliefs and undermining the action and leadership of their pope.

That aside, I wonder who is copying who, between Kabuleta and the pope. I wonder what was going through the pope’s mind because really this is the first of its kind at this level of course after Kabuleta showed the way.

The look on the president’s face told it best. Like this is now the way to go! Of course it is not a coincidence that it happened the same day that Omar al-Bashir was toppled. The fool would think it is a coincidence that while Bashir came down in Sudan, the pope was kissing another President’s shoe in South Sudan!

Thinking about this might blow the cover of Kabuleta’s foresighted motivations when he kissed the Prophet’s shoe. Just saying, when shoes are kissed publicly, courses and destinies of nations are being changed.

You just need to figure out the right shoe and when to kiss it. Kabuleta could have hit the jackpot, if he is not laughing all the way to the “white house”. Therefore, you should be afraid and consider that this is about the fall and rise of regimes in the spirit realm of which you are less than a pawn.

Prophet Elvis Mbonye once said “Submission is a very lucrative business in the realm of the Spirit, the unseen realm which is the spring of all authority.

Anyway, this is written to offend and bruise the egos of every form of knowledge that exalts itself against the knowledge of God in form of intellectualism that the fool may awaken from his folly. I have and will kiss that Prophet’s shoe a thousand times again.

The writer is a minister at Zoe Fellowship.


0 #21 O J 2019-04-25 15:59
The bible says in the end times there will be a great falling away and many will love to hear the gospel that tickles their ears,

Anyway Uganda has freedom of worship enshrined in her constitution,the followers of Mbonye are free to kiss whatsoever they desire.
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