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Your mail: Besigye deserves respect

I would like to welcome back Dr. Kizza Besigye from the Kabaka run, and also appreciate the small donation he made towards Mengo’s efforts to fight sickle cells.

Yes, the Kabaka’s government has always appreciated his efforts, I guess. As for Bobi Wine, I am only disappointed in him, not because he spoke against Besigye, but because he has started something he most likely won’t win - attacking one of the strongest pillars of the struggle. That is unacceptable.

We have witnessed people of various walks of life working day and night to try to change or remove the Museveni government. Unfortunately, things haven’t been smooth sailing because it is not easy to remove Museveni.

However, we respect all those that have tried, and some of us have vowed never to speak about their mistakes using the tone Bobi Wine used. It wasn’t an advisory tone; it was an accusatory/attacking one, and quite sickening.

For me, that was so bad to see because it is painful for some of us who had high hopes in Bobi Wine. In the long run, it is imperative for Besigye and all FDC officials to engage with everyone in opposition (not necessarily going into blind alliances), strengthen FDC’s internal working systems and, most importantly, to be proactive leaders who care for the democratic growth of our country.

Besigye’s task is to strive and remain focused as he is doing now with grassroots mobilisation. He shouldn’t react so much to people tormenting him.

Abbey Kibirige Semuwemba,
United Kingdom.

Museveni should groom successor

While the people of Uganda still love President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, they are looking for a change in leadership. The problem is that no one from the opposition or even in the government is worth taking up the leadership.  

Therefore, our president needs to train someone who is going to step in his footsteps so that we don’t get into the kind of chaos we are seeing in Sudan. For the period that Museveni has ruled Uganda, there has been a great change, both economically and in the social life of the country. Starting from peace as the greatest gift you can give to the people, we have witnessed several developments like infrastructure, health and education, among others.  

So, I really applaud the president for bringing peace to our country but my greatest cry out to Museveni is to please prepare the next leader of this nation so that when the time comes for Museveni to retire, it will be a safe transition.

Many people don’t put it so much into consideration that when there is a change in leadership, there can be a regress in the economy. Libya, a country we all admired for its development, was invaded by opportunists, which led to the overthrow and eventual death of its leader Muammar Gaddafi. Years later, they are regretting and yearning to have a leader like him.

Kevin Seguya,

Kasese fire brigade letting us down

Some weeks back, fire gutted a home of a former municipal member of parliament aspirant in Bulembia division of Kasese municipality, Kasese district. Police fire brigade was called in and the lorry couldn’t reach the scene because of mechanical challenges. All items in the house were destroyed.

Another house belonging to a prominent official also caught fire in Kasese town recently. The police fire brigade was called in but it had no water in the lorry tank. Again, all items in the house were destroyed.

The police needs to know that these mistakes cannot be repeated twice in just one month and yet no apologies are made to the victims of these fires.

I would like to call upon Kasese police fire brigade to come out and make a public statement and probably apologize for their failure to perform their duties effectively. We cannot sit down and watch property worth millions of shillings being destroyed yet we have a government entity that can save the situation.

Rogers Bwambale,

Opposition politicians need to grow up

The current wars within the Uganda political opposition camps are not surprising. We know their whole strategy, ways of life and what they tell people to do.

They have been doing this for decades. The National Resistance Movement has always continued to support and campaign for dignified and well-behaved leaders. Unfortunately, the opposition has not offered the same approach. Many times you look at the way these opposition leaders present their views in parliament and you wonder how they were brought up.

They insult, assault, abuse, shout at and even heckle over things that do not matter. I have always watched parliament on live television but whoever tells these opposition members to act that way is misleading them and an enemy to development.

Anyway, just asking; is this the kind of politics that you want us to have in Uganda? The politics of personal attacks and perpetual lies?

That aside, I now see the politics of excitement everywhere by the opposition. Everyone is becoming a politician, Joseph Mayanja aka Chameleon recently declared to contest for the mayorship, Dr Hilderman also did the same, Geofrey Lutaaya, who recently sat for his Uganda Certificate of Education exams, also wants to stand for elective office. All this sounds like the sort of theatre politics where everyone can contest as long as they have interest.

Uganda will in the near future be branded one of the countries with the most comical yet unproductive members of parliament because of the kind of members that we have.

Michael Woira

Why Museveni must stay

The president general of Democratic Party, Norbert Mao, recently said that his party has the most intellectual power among all political parties in the country. I found that statement to be a lack of modesty.

In 2016, the intellectuals desperately hung onto Amama Mbabazi’s tailcoat, mistaken that he would bankroll a huge campaign machine that would overwhelm Museveni. They were mistaken.

Unsurprisingly, Mao, Mugisha Muntu and another perennial loser, Dr Abed Bwanika, think that Robert Kyagulanyi may sweep the 2021 polls because of his popularity. Indeed, the recent collaborative efforts among the opposition camp is a disguised ploy by the weak and opportunistic politicians to jump onto Kyagulanyi’s bandwagon.  

Richard Todwong of the NRM secretariat is right that Mao and his fellow intellectuals (fortune hunters) are conscious of their weakness, which explains their desperation for a coalition. To argue that the coalition is necessary to only defeat Museveni shows, sadly, how ideologically bankrupt these intellectuals are.

Honourable Kyagulanyi’s unprovoked and reckless attack against Dr Kizza Besigye exposed his pettiness, lack of diplomacy and restraint when subjected under pressure. If these are the so-called intellectuals of the future of Uganda, then Museveni should continue.

Molly Ndara,



0 #1 Zzunguluzungulu 2019-04-17 16:22
Yes, you said it all, I fear Uganda's future will soon be ruled by comical money hungry politicians only, and yes, I was so disappointed in 'Boby Wine' I withdrew all my support when he dared attack DR.

if it took Nelson Mandela from the 1950s to fight for their liberation from bad rule up until 1990s when they eventually broke the Ice, who is this boby wine who thinks Dr. has played his part and should now retire.....hogwash!!!!!
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+1 #2 Ugthinker 2019-04-18 01:00
“Bono Wine is by and large a musician” General Biraro
I also think so. I all along had my reservations about Bobi, but the final whistle for me was when he was coming from the burial of Nabagereks’s dad!

Bobi Wine lacks basic civility! Those processions, however urged by his supporters brought out the lowest out of him, well from the civilised community.

Many of his supporters won’t even understand what I’m talking about here! He needs some sound advisers if he is to ever trade politically.
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0 #3 sula 2019-04-19 10:00
Bobi Wine &co ought to know that the struggle needs them as it needs everybody, BUT not as a destructive machine. he needs to build on what he has found not destroy it, if he does so , then he will need 20 years as KB &co have done !
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0 #4 Zaitun 2019-04-19 13:44
Dear Kevin Seguya, never believe that Ugandans love Museveni. No, no one loves him apart from being loved by his family members.

Those Ugandans pretending to love the man have their deep thoughts entrenched in the daily cash money that drops in their plates as gifts and bribes from the State House.

If snakes, bulls, pythons etc. have all the courage to make attempts on his life for the curse he has engulfed the country in, which ordinary Ugandan really loves him as you claim?

If he was thrown out of State House today, you would be surprised to tears to find even those you think are his friends running naked along the muddy Streets of Kampala in joy to celebrate the down fall of a dictator who has brought the country down on her knees!!
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0 #5 WADADA roger 2019-04-20 14:25
The readers herein know that i dont have any love for Besigye but I dont think any one should mistreat him, not for any reason be it political in nature.

Museveni would never have descended to power if he was treated the Besigye way
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0 #6 WADADA roger 2019-04-20 14:30
But honestly advise my fellow readers to hold in highest contempt the hidden meaning behind this article, the writer must be one of the under cover promoters of the NRM who sugar coat their articles in oder to hide the bitterness in them. Ffe tubuse
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