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Why British MPs must indeed debate rule of law in Uganda

The House of Commons in the UK has 650 members of parliament. It should be known however that UK is made up of four nations and that is England, Wales, North Ireland and Scotland.

You can say on average, each nation is represented by 162 MPs presiding over a $2.622 trillion in terms of GDP and a budget of £842 billion in FY 2018/19 and they receive an annual basic salary of £77,379 which is equivalent to Shs 363,681,300/=

As for Uganda in our smallness, 458 members of parliament, I won’t talk about the executive body each taking a basic annual pay of £81,572.4 slightly higher than that of UK yet presiding over a Shs 32 trillion budget if converted to pounds is about £6.8 billion with a country’s GDP standing at $25.5 billion. 

Correct me if am wrong, which kind of business are 458 MPs doing that can’t be done by 100 MPs. If there’s anyone out there who has done business or is doing business, would you in your right senses preside over this venture?

We spend so much on operational costs than what we actually invest. We have a debt which is yet to hit the ceiling and this is how we are spending our borrowed money! I won’t talk about what is stolen.

And from the members of parliament, we have in every district a Resident District Commissioner (RDC) and their deputies. We have 127 districts, it means we have 127 RDCs and 127 deputy RDCs, each being paid not less than Shs 1.5m per RDC and I think Shs 1.4m for their deputies. Meaning in just one month, 127 RDCs and their deputies take 368,300,000/= and 4,419,600,000/= per annum.

That is minus the vehicles that need maintenance and fuelling. I wouldn’t be bothered by the above figures, but the real question is, do we as a country need them? We even have a budget for presidential donations. A poor nation like Uganda must we be so extravagant to that extent. What exactly are we trying to prove in doing so?

And with all the above, you want a white man to respect us and stay out of our business yet we keep running to them asking for help, borrowing money from the very same people? We were even forgiven a debt by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but what did we learn from it, nothing.

Uganda is like a relative you are helping to pay school fees for his children. But he chooses to take the kids to universal free education schools and uses the money to drink alcohol. And when you try to inquire into the matter, he tells you to stay out of his business.

If you want to be respected as a sovereign state that runs its own affairs without being questioned on how you spend your money or run your affairs, stop going around begging for help and borrowing whenever you feel like.

But until then, your business will never stop being their business. Because they need to be sure of what their taxpayers’ money is doing and how it is being spent.

If we don’t learn to manage our debts and invest wisely, not every time we shall be forgiven for being bad managers. China took over Zambia’s airport and not so long ago, they also took over Sri Lanka’s airport because of failing to pay the loans.

Respect comes to those who earn it, it’s not a given. You want to be respected, earn it.


+1 #1 kabayekka 2019-01-23 07:22
Indeed It is very difficult these days to earn the international respect.

Especially where the planet's environment is at stake for all the world countries. This article has compared well the government fiscal expenditures of Britain and that of Uganda.

But Google is coming out about the environmental misery of all world countries as about 3000 leaders are now sitting together at Davos, Switzerland with over 1,500 private jets that damage the environment every other day.

Should all these leaders scream out to each other to mind his or her own country's private business?
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+4 #2 Lakwena 2019-01-23 10:02
Thanks Imanu EL Shibuta for coming out with hard facts (figures) to counter those who are out to deride the Brits MPs for tabling and debating the barbarism of the regime in Kampala/Uganda.

In other words, at this rate (poverty, youth unemployment, corruption, cholera, cruelty and debts); for every passing day it becomes more and more difficult to be a proud Ugandan.

It is only the ethically and morally shameless, like our president; Mr. M7, his goons and mindless riffraff who are only fighting for themselves that chest-thump progress and protest non-interference into their theft and meting out cruelty on Ugandans who are standing up to their savaging the country.
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+1 #3 Jama 2019-01-23 16:46
They have fooled some people for sometimes but they Will not continue to fool all the people all the time, for now many are informed about how they misrule the country.
Thanks to the net,many are informed.

At least we now know why we lack inadequate communication, sanitary, educational and sports infrastructures in the country.

A huge percentage of the mentioned amount is wasted on the sustaining of a notorious dictatorial regime.

The British should even recommend,its gorvnment to impose sanctions on all military and civil individuals who are the pillar of the unpopular regime.
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+1 #4 kirya 2019-01-24 03:09
m7 the dictator son of a sex worker has to find an exit door.

I am tired of being tired of the most useless thug. Please go Uganda is not married to you!
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-5 #5 Robert Atuhairwe 2019-01-24 16:43
Debating accountability and human rights issues is okay but interfering in politics is wrong.

America hates it, Russia hates it, Kenya hates it and Uganda must hate it, too. Dr. Williams is interfering and i have evidence although i won't hand it to the state.
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0 #6 Akot 2019-01-27 19:29
England, Wales, North Ireland and Scotland UNITED to agree on what kind of governance they wanted!

Scottish went for referendum to break away but majority decided to remain part of UK & the losers accepted it!

England king/queen respect the others this, visit them on invitation or ask to go there & plans are made!

This is not the case with Uganda as Museveni has no tribal land in Uganda but uses tribal leaders to keep Ugandans divided!

Uganda tribal leaders are in post because Museveni decided so even when these don't know one another, never have tea together, but keep Ugandans divided, thus powerless!

Ugandans do know Museveni has no tribal land in their country; so what will they do when Museveni will be no more in +30 years?

Will Ugandans from independent tribal states then?
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0 #7 Akot 2019-01-27 19:41
kabayekka, agreed.

This is why Ugandans MUST UNITE to throw Museveni out to be able to act, decide how to protect, use their land!

Has Museveni shown he cares about any tribe/tribal land besides wanting to sell lands holding natural resources to China...while throwing locals out of them?

Did we not fight nails & clous on this forum to let Museveni /Madvanih leave Mabira Forest alone when they wanted to turn it into farm land?

The International Community will help Ugandans the moment they take back their country from Museveni who has nothing to lose & is destroying it!

Whether it will be Reformed Republic or Independent Tribal States, will the zone risk being destroyed & by who?
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+1 #8 Akot 2019-01-27 19:56
Lakwena, thanks, yet,

Only UNITY of Ugandans will enable even UK parliament to help our people defend/protect their land: Ugandans must take back their country to join the world in environmental protection: effects of climate change has no borders!

Ugandans do know countries above are not happy with the way Nile Water is used in Uganda, right?

The Sahara desert MUST be stopped from expanding!

Without good rule, there is no way Africa can fight climate change, but things will get worse for African countries as deserts extend, forest/wet lands are destroyed for farming...while use of fire wood continues!

Acholi do know Amuru land is rich because it has been respected up to now, right?
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0 #9 Akot 2019-01-27 20:13
Jama, agreed, but,

What UK does, will do, will depend on Ugandans who MUST become 1 people/actores so that they are given real help by good intended outsiders!

Uganda situation is so simple; tribal leaders standing down & UNITY of our people & Museveni will be out & not even UK will have to take sides as in countries at armed war!

Why don't Ugandans want help from even UK, as our UNITY against Museveni will leave no ground for war as our people are not at armed war against themselves?

USA-EU-Russia...join armed wars else where, but will never help Ugandans not at armed war because they are alright with the tribalist system without which, Museveni has no place in the country!
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+1 #10 Akot 2019-01-27 20:29
kirya, agreed, but,

Ugandans gave shelter to Museveni, they made him their chief tribal leader & it will be Ugandans to say NO to him by taking back their country, or the demon will just go on terrorising a people who don't want him but are powerless against him as he tribalistically divided & rules them!

The hands of all good intended outsider is tied up as it's Ugandans keeping Museveni in power through the tribalistic system!

Ugandans gave shelter to migrant Museveni, they made him their president/chief tribal leader & it's only Ugandans who have the power to change this!

Just tribal leaders standing down & UNITY of Ugandans is all that is needed!

Even without National Leadership, Ugandans will still be at peace & each tribe will mind their business!

Why is migrant Museveni our chief tribal leader?
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