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Special appeal to Bobi Wine on Tuliyambala Engule song

This goes out to all God-fearing people (believers) and in particular musician-cum-politician, Bobi Wine (Robert Kyagulanyi, MP Kyadondo East constituency).

Sometime in 2013, I called Bobi Wine on phone. I had an idea for him to do a song on road accidents. His answer was interesting. He said: “That would be okay but a song wouldn’t help when the roads are in zigzag.

People cannot drive on one side when there are ditches in the road.” I was instantly gratified by his answer. I recognized that he selects the themes of his songs meticulously. Now that he has crossed over into the sphere of mainstream politics, I am sure he has more ideas to craft into a song as part of his activism.

That is why when he did the Tuliyambala Engule song, for which he is being celebrated and roasted in nearly equal measure, I felt a need to reach out to him to establish if he is still as “meticulous” in his selection of musical themes.

Music as a medium is backed by the gift of nature. The original intention of music was to be used in worship. Theologians will tell you that the greatest musician with a delightful voice was Satan before he fell out of favour with God because of rebellion. He was then hurled down to hell to prevent contaminating other heavenly beings.

The sacred gift of music had been defiled. When humans populated the earth, they began to use it for purposes other than the original one - of worshipping God. And not just music; all forms of art and creativeness were intended to be used in glorifying the Creator, the greatest artist whose works are inimitable.

Every time humans have tried to substitute His ingenuity with their own or tried to become co-creators beyond limits sanctioned by Him, disaster follows. In liturgy, there is a genre of music considered to be most suitable and inspired for worship, for reasons that I may not explain here but largely on the strength of the message and its focus which cannot be mistaken in its purpose.

Classical hymns have a distinct feel about them that differentiates them from other genres and what a local kidandali discotheque is likely to boom out. There is a mood it creates that lifts a hearer’s spirit and tunes them to a higher state of being.

In that state, the lyrics in the song implant very well on the mind and heart of the hearer. It’s the height of worship and supplication as prayer is infused in the melody. Such songs carry meaning that may be passive to some but for a believer, it is a paranormal experience as he or she launches special appeals to the Creator to free them from whatever troubles assail them.

It becomes a completely different story when such songs are used in situations where the context makes the purpose for which they are sung ambiguous. We have all attended a funeral where an inebriated mourner bursts out into hymn but substitutes words to fit their mindset including the vulgar- causing much laughter and giggles. God says that He is a jealous God.

I believe that that jealousy rages when His glory is parceled out. My feeling on Tuliyambala Engule song - and I am no cleric - is that Bobi Wine should rather relent on it than being misunderstood, causing some to stumble or risking divine judgment for glory fishing.

The song may not have been composed in heaven but it was dedicated long ago. The more it is disseminated in a questionable context, the more coals heap on the singer’s head - a crown of fire.

If the trend continues, there is nothing that stops someone else from taking the Lord’s Prayer and changing its wording for fun or for occult purposes, and so on. That would be very dangerous as far as the highest form of faith is concerned.

Bobi Wine has so much to sing about that he can let the one “hit” go if the road it is riding is “zigzag” as he told me six years ago.


The writer is a member of the Commonwealth Writers Group.


+2 #11 Ugthinker 2019-01-21 05:49
I wish Ugandans timely spoke up every time Museven & group sidelined them the same way this group does at the slightest detection of a threat, real or perceived to their grip on power!
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+2 #12 Omuzira Ente 2019-01-21 14:10
African KINGS call them Presidents rule with fear and are surrounded by people singing praises all the time stopping them from listening to words of wisdom from citizens.

The only way you can tell an African leader that He is NAKED is through SONGS. Its only through music that the peoples' voice will reach inside State House. The workers in State House make it so difficult for even for Ministers to advice the President . Brova Bobi for telling the truth.

You will go done in books of history as a person who delivered the people's message through armed gates of State House.

Those REGIME PASTORS who use innocent BORN AGAIN Christians to accumulate wealth are not even ashamed to call it their song as if it was composed in Heaven.

No wonder Rev Lukodo whats them to go back to school and learn that theology is not about accumulating wealth but a call to heal people's souls and being frank with any regime to die for the people by telling the bitter truth to bad leaders
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+3 #13 Remase 2019-01-23 14:40
I don't understand the point Robert is trying to make. What is wrong with Bobi Wine to sing Tuliyambala Engule?

Who said that God is against a politician singing a song which Robert claims to be a "Godly song?" Robert, Bobi Wine has what is called freedom of choice. If he didn't sing and/or compose the song about the accidents, it is not a crime.

I know you feel bad that he is singing Tuliyambala Engule, because you like M7. Yes, I agree with you, road accidents are a big problem in Uganda. However, which one is more important to you, the root cause or the accidents?

You are right, the root cause. Get rid of M7, the root cause, and you wont have a problem. That is why, we all say, "Tuliyambala Egule", after M7, his family/relatives and cronies are gone. Pray to God that you will be alive when they are gone. You will see, the entire world will Tuliyambala Engule. You too.
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