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Christianity under attack across the world

As top universities around the Western world continue to discuss ‘Christian privilege’, the latest phrase being used in the liberal agenda to secularize the world, a Christian woman in Pakistan, Aasia Bibi, has nearly exhausted her legal appeals to avoid the gallows.

In 2009, she got into a religious argument with her fellow workers and her views clashed (of course) with those of her Muslim co-workers who then accused her of blasphemy. She was sentenced to death and could be hanged if her last appeal fails.

In majority-Muslim countries, Christians are serving long prison sentences for the simple “crime” of proselytizing. In Indonesia, nearly 1,000 churches have been closed since 2006 when the nation passed a “Religious Harmony” law which requires churches to obtain several signatures from Muslims before they can obtain a permit.

Nearly 85 per cent of Indonesia’s 255 million population is Muslim. Only seven per cent are Christians. Needless to say, many churches failed to garner the requisite signatures and were promptly shut down. Even the few that got the necessary endorsement have since been torched by radical Islamist groups.

In Iraq and Syria, Islamic State fighters were beheading Christians who refused to convert to Islam in the territories they captured. The remains of 21 Coptic Christians dressed in orange suits whose throats had been slit by ISIS in Libya were discovered in October last year. It’s likely many more will be unburied in future.

In Europe, Christianity is under attack both from an increasing Muslim community on the continent, but mostly from an aggressive secularist agenda that dominates academia. Humanism is a religion in all but name and, like every other religion; it seeks to win converts through overt campaigns that include public bus adverts and crusades.

At one of those open-air rallies, Richard Dawkins, the High Priest of Humanism whose best-selling book The God Delusion is seen as some kind of bible, was asked by his followers how they should deal with believers. “Mock them, ridicule them, in public….with contempt,” he replied to thunderous cheers.

But it’s more than just mockery. Their crusade has become pernicious in its attempt to use laws to stifle Christianity.

The international think tank Gatestone Institute reported that over 500 churches have been closed in London since 2001, while 423 mosques have been opened in the city in the same time. The same report said there are as many as 100 Islamic sharia courts officially operating in London.

In America, Christianity came under unprecedented attack during the eight years of Barack Obama. The former president set himself out as a champion for homosexual rights, and his solicitor general told the Supreme court that churches and universities could lose their tax-exempt status if they opposed same-sex marriage.

Several churches were forced to put up the rainbow sign for homosexual rights or face discrimination charges. Several businesses were swiftly closed down for making a conscience-backed decision not to offer their services to homosexuals.

Hillary Clinton promised to escalate those attacks. In 2015, she declared at the Women in the World summit that “some religious beliefs... have to be changed” – perhaps the most radical threat to religious liberty ever delivered by a major presidential candidate.

Her target, of course, was evangelicals; and ultimately they were the one group that made sure she never became president as they rallied behind Donald Trump.

In Africa, Christianity is under attack from leaders who put up a religious face but are in reality traditionalists who practice witchcraft. They are the kind that closes hundreds of churches by decree citing reasons such as hygiene, poor building plans or lack of theological education by the pastors.

In Uganda, Christianity is under attack from so-called traditional churches which are nothing more than dead orthodoxies, practicing a kind of Christianity that is academic and devoid of any spirituality or power. They are the modern-day Pharisees who try to lock God’s miracle-working power in the past.

Just like the Pharisees of old, these people attribute anything supernatural to Beelzebub (or cult), yet deep down they know it is in fact the power of God.

And just like the original Pharisees, these people will form an alliance with the government to enforce laws that infringe on religious liberty.

The author is the founder and pastor of Watchman Ministries in Kampala.


+1 #31 Ocaya pOcure 2018-06-10 01:07
Sorry, this infamous faith which you are trying to sing songs about it, does not value you as human enough like those Caucasians races who treated our fore-parents like animals for slaughter.

Well, I think the New Testament never preaches racism, economic deprivation and, or other forms of injustices to fellow human beings.

Pathetically, just see how Christianity and democratic countries in US and Europe have brutally used deprivations and genocide against the Palestinian folks who have been created in the image of God the almighty!

This not attack on Christianity but reminder on injustices on fellow human beings!
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0 #32 Peter Sanders 2018-06-11 09:46
Shikanga Enock

There is evidence that EM waves exist. We can do experiments and collect data. "...yet we tend to act with faith."

No, accepting that invisible things exist is not faith, it's based on reason and science.

Faith is not a pathway to truth, since you can believe any kind of story based on "faith".

There is no known experiment we can do to demonstrate any gods exist.

There has been a US$1million prize available for anyone who can do this. Never claimed.
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0 #33 Apollo 2018-06-12 10:06
There is no science that can measure, prove or even disprove 'Love'. Therefore, it should best be assumed that 'Love' does not exist. The same can be said of 'Life'.

Science can 'prove' it by describing its characteristics, behavior, patterns or even tell us when it is no longer there.

What Science or atheists will not answer even with the help of great scientific laws, tools, parameters and analysis is: "What leaves a body for it to qualify as 'dead'?".
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0 #34 Lakwena 2018-06-12 13:54
Quoting Peter Sanders:
Wooden K I hope you It's clear your psychologist does not understand what atheism is. A person who is an atheist need make no claims that "he/she is sure" no gods exist.

Please provide any scientific evidence to show that gods exist, and you will gain instant fame and a Nobel Prize.

The reason science courses do not all begin and end with "and then god did it" is because there is no evidence to support such a claim.

The time to believe things is when there is evidence for them.

The burden of proof is always on the one making the claim.

There is further discussion here: https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Russell%27s_Teapot

But Sanders, equally; what are the scientific evidences that God does not exist?

In other words, to be or not to be; is a matter of the law of cause (invisible) and effect (visible [sense])?
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