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Remembering the child ritual murder victims of 2008

Ten years ago this year, the country was engulfed in one of its darkest times in recent history, that at least one person had foretold to a small group of people.

A tidal wave of child sacrifice swept across the country from one end to another, and back. The height of this dark period and perhaps the enduring tale of this forgettable time was the ritual murder of 12-year-old Joseph Kasirye by businessman Godfrey Kato Kajubi.

Kajubi was aided by his accomplices Umar Kateregga, a witchdoctor at the time, and his wife Mariam Nabukeera. The security organs weighed in on the matter, clutching at all manner of reasons to explain away the bloody onslaught on children but without ever providing a relieving solution.  

We blamed Nollywood (Nigerian) movies, which had equally taken the country by storm at the time, for propagating the belief in devilish supernatural powers that placed a disturbing emphasis on the need for child sacrifice as a means of getting rich quickly.

Also cited was a religious cult from West Africa that constituted the rich and affluent. And like most cults, it required its followers to carry quite a heavy yoke, demanding that they regularly add human blood to their menu. And without access to the Nakasero blood bank, the children loitering villages were the easier prey.

But each desperate explanation was followed by another traumatic murder, heightening public unease. To put this in perspective, the number of missing children increased to 318 in 2008 from a-not-so-comforting 108 the previous year.

Surely we ought to have picked our lessons from this tragedy. No, we did not. Nine years later, this time targeting a different demographic – youthful women – and instead of wondering the whole country, specifically stationed in one location; Wakiso district, the country witnessed another horrific wave of murders.

The cycle of events from 2008 was replayed. One senseless murder morphing into a series of murders, leading to public outcry and ending with the security organs offering all manner of explanations, even blaming the illuminati for the horrendous assaults.

As the murders fizzled out, so did the public outcry and we soon moved on to the next news headlines, until another death wave hits. But this should never be the norm especially in the country that is privileged to be residence to a man with unbelievable prophetic insight into past, present and future events.

In his book, ‘Tasting the Powers of the Ages to Come’, Prophet Elvis Mbonye details that in February 2008, during an overnight prayer meeting in Entebbe, he was caught in a vision where this horrific chapter of child sacrifice was played out before him.

The prophet revealed this evil mission, orchestrated by evil spirits that influenced people to carry out satanic rituals, to the group of people that were in attendance.

A couple of months later, the wave of ritual child sacrifices unfolded, dotted by an alarming number of school fires. Yet as the prophet states in his book, he had “seen it well before it happened”.

So, why grapple with unsolved odd episodes like these when at a mere tap of a finger an answer can be readily availed? You would imagine that a man of this caliber, with a startling number of prophetic fulfillments, would be an esteemed extension of our country’s intelligence detail.

Centuries gone by, kings, including David who never lost a single battle, and the Pharaoh of Egypt who sought Joseph from the prison dungeons, heavily relied on prophetic insight. But today, we who purport to know better have ignored this wisdom of ages and are dearly paying the price.

Let’s not be naively side-tracked into debating prophet Elvis’ Range Rover and his flamboyant lifestyle, and miss the undebatable truth; his supernatural prophetic gifting that can help our country step into its destiny as well as escape the nightmares from its unsolved dark episodes now relegated to the heap of history.

This would be a fitting memorial to the young lives that were nipped in the bud a decade ago.


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