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Togikwatako: is God yellow or red?

There are few issues – past and present – that have the divisive power to slit opinion in a manner and magnitude that politics does.

Yet even in politics, rarely is a matter as hotly and passionately contested as the trending “Togikwatako” subject. It has been quite a rollercoaster of events since the matter hit the grapevine; with the parliamentary scuffle that left some MPs nursing life-threating injuries the height of the debate, so far.

But as Togikwato or Gikwateko gathers steam, has anyone wondered what God’s say on this matter is?

Regarding personal issues, many people make an effort to seek God’s opinion, or at least many posture thus.

For a marriage partner, many would fast to be sure they don’t miss it. For the sex of their children, a number would seek supernatural intervention, especially if they already have two or three of a given sex. For employment, every spiritual weapon will be utilized.

Yet when it comes to matters on the national scale, few ever seek God’s say, if He is interested, anyway. But wisdom dictates thus: if He has interest in matters on a personal or family level, God surely has far more than a passing interest on the course of a nation. History substantiates this.

Many military observers may differ on several aspects of the Six-Day War, but one point of commonality for many is the ingredient of the supernatural hand that aided the overwhelming underdog Israel to victory over its Arab attackers, orchestrating an upset never before and never after witnessed in any military exaction.

Some may still be at odds on the nature of the supernatural being behind the Israelites’ victory, but the Israel defense minister general, Moshe Dayan, was not one of them. A day after the war, he visited the Wailing Wall and, in one of its cracks, tucked a note.

Curious journalists perhaps documenting the general’s every move following such a conclusive and summary victory over the Arab united front, quickly pulled out the paper and on it was inked: “This was the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes”, a quote from Psalm 118:23.

This may have taken some by surprise, wondering if God indeed chooses sides. Isn’t He supposed to be neutral? After all, the Bible reveals that He shows no favouritism (Romans 2:11).

Well, not exactly, for God also has an interest in this world. So, whosoever furthers His cause, gets His nod. But for this to happen, He needs men that are in touch with what He is doing at a particular time, for He works through men. In the absence of such a man, evil prevails.

So, is God pro-yellow or pro-red?  This question may not have crossed your mind, but it did more than cross the mind of one gentleman. So concerned he was that he sought God’s counsel from the only man he knew had access to it: Prophet Elvis Mbonye.

“If the prophet indeed chats with the Lord as I do with my next-door neighbor, this Togikwako issue must have come up at least once during one of their casual moments,” this gentleman must have thus reasoned.

But he may not have been ready for the response, much more than I was when the prophet, in his customary casual demeanor, hinted on the subject during one of his Tuesday fellowships at Kyadondo Rugby Club.

All the chaos playing out is only but a symptom of a country whose foundation has been moved out of course, according to Prophet Elvis Mbonye. Until the foundation is realigned to God’s plans and purposes, genuine peace will remain a pipedream.

The Psalmist posed a question relevant to us today: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

We can start by praying for those in leadership; a Biblical command as per 1 Timothy 2:1-2 or pray that God raises up a person after His own heart in whom is a genuine fear of the Lord, beyond the mere observance of the national prayer breakfasts.  

So, is God yellow or red? He is neither.



0 #1 Wooden K. 2017-12-20 18:05
Hello Kironde !

I can answer your question like this :
God is a munyarwanda and has no colour.
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0 #2 WADADA rogers 2017-12-21 09:35
Good does not care what greedy men and women of this country do with themselves here, am told yellow or red, judgment awaits them all after death
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0 #3 gwok 2017-12-21 19:43
Quoting Wooden K.:
Hello Kironde !

I can answer your question like this :
God is a munyarwanda and has no colour.

I disagree with you entirely. GOD is not a person but a sophisticated philosophical ideological position that was adopted by Europeans to underpin, justify and smoothen their colonization (and domination) of others, code named “Go Oversees & Deceive", appropriately acronymed “GOD”.

Are you with me there? Please have your say, even if you have bought that deception and has a strong belief in it.
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