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Age limit can be lifted but Museveni is beatable if we organise

Apart from the exclusive interview I had with The Observer which majorly addressed the coming in of George William Magera as our new party (PPP) president, I have not wasted my valuable time and energy to discuss whether or not the age limit should be lifted.

One, it is obvious that its initial intention was never to benefit the country but, rather,  to lock out certain individuals from contesting for president at that time.  

To be categorical, this particular article was lifted the same day it was enacted and, therefore, did not deserve the attention it has attracted.

Nevertheless, and just like you cannot just leave the thief to take your belongings without any alarm because of your failure to lock your door, I applaud those who made some noise to make the thief known.  

Besides, the opposition needs to change its strategy and tactics if we want to stop Museveni’s likely intentions to rule us while in retirement or in his grave.

But applying the same tactics and strategy and expecting different results, we risk going into  the Tanzanian scenario where Mwalimu Julius Nyerere is ruling to date.

Just like I aforementioned, I do not underrate whoever does something to get us out of this captivity; my point of view is only that as political activists make the noise, let us organise in our different formations to encounter him since we are certain that come rain or shine, Museveni will be on the ballot paper in 2021.  

It is regrettable that in a space of four to six months, this cunning man we are fighting has tabled one issue after another and none of us could detect it as a deliberate move to keep us busy and derail us. 

These ranged from Justice Catherine Bamugemeire’s land probe, the land bill, Museveni’s baptism date, and this very age limit debate. On the other side, the man is busy traversing the country and is being hosted from one radio and TV station to another.

Most of us in the opposition are known for settling for less and can grab any opportunity to appear on cameras so that we can retain our constituencies. Granted, this, in a way, can weaken the regime; however, much more is required to cause the change we all desire.  

For example, since 1996, the opposition has always formed late loose coalitions based on individuals and disorganised political parties.

The latest was The Democratic Alliance (TDA) where I was a player and whose promises to Ugandans were empty. To be honest, even if it was not Museveni, the disorganisation we exhibited in TDA would offer victory to any mediocre against us.

Certainly, this criticism shall not augur well in the ears of some members of the opposition.  However, I don’t expect Museveni and group to do us a favour and open our eyes on these fundamental realities. This is a jigger in our foot that we are duty-bound to remove if we are to avoid another round of defeat.

Agreed, the alarm against the removal of the age limit may eventually create the critical mass that can be used for any political or otherwise engagements to ultimately save our country.

But since we are certain that come 2021, Mr Museveni’s photograph will not miss on the ballot paper, it is high time we focused more on how different we shall be in 2021 to face him.

The best way to do it is not only by organising the population in the countryside to confront him, but also to prepare our candidates right from president to LC-I chairpersons in the whole country. We cannot afford to let him enjoy parliament and local government majority like has been the case before.

We urgently need to identify a pool of young people with less political baggage who can resonate with the young population, which is the majority, to hold the fort.

Similarly, we must reach out to civil organisations such as the legal fraternity, teachers, doctors and others including the middle-class, not only to persuade them to join the political struggle, but also to give them assurance about their safety in case of any change.

Summarily, Museveni is beatable, but only if we are focused.   

The author is the vice chairperson and spokesperson of People’s Progressive Party.


+1 #1 edo 2017-10-06 09:23
dont even bring this foolish propaganda here..

shut your mouth
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0 #2 Marcello 2017-10-06 09:42
What specific activism is PPP engaged in to rescue people from the dictator's grip other than acting as a roadside commentator?

I don't think any serious Ugandan takes serious PPP in this tumultuous period.It is deadwood. Period.
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0 #3 Ainebyona 2017-10-06 13:12
Mr you have already accepted that you are not focused ,then whom are you asking to help u just shut up and leave others to try thr plans
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+1 #4 Kasozi Sempira 2017-10-06 14:29
Every ugandan should watch this video in it's entirety to know what's keeping this man in our Country and behaving in a way that he does.

Just copy and paste the youtube link below and press enter.

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+1 #5 Lysol 2017-10-07 00:17
How naive is this dude? Who is he trying to fool.

No African incumbent president can be beaten in the so-called sham elections.
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+1 #6 Odessa Sekitte 2017-10-07 04:10
Regardless of where the age-limit chips, i concur with you that museveni can still be beaten, after all he's the only pillar holding his party.

Without museveni there can be no NRM, this has been squarely by him, staffing his government structures with various mediocrities, people with zero record of achievement & no vision of the task at hand.

Their only 'merit ' is their blind loyalty and or their in museveni's area of origin, Ankole.
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+1 #7 MX 2017-10-07 04:58
M7 has lost all the election but he is the president.

Do not take chances stone the anablers and make life hard for them to talk nonsese
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0 #8 Onen 2017-10-09 21:53
You are probably an NRM fifth columnist trying to get them a smooth sail for more endless raps.

M7 has probably lost all elections ever since he joined politics, but he is still president.
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0 #9 geoffrey 2017-10-10 13:28
Please don't minimize that article to M7; that provision is as large and important as Uganda to all citizens. It applies to anybody, but was inserted to guarantee stability and orderliness at succession.

Not because anybody can or cannot be beaten at an election.

Do you read any election management news from across the border in kenya-how the mismanaged the election for a purpose? The same can, if already not happened here.
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