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Ugandans must unite to cause regime change

Power belongs to us, and until that is realized, nothing will ever change in Uganda. To reclaim our power, we need to get cool and sober heads together to wrap their agile minds around an initiative of bringing change on Uganda.

Tyrants create an impression that it is only “I” who can do this or that for you. Without fail, President Museveni keeps reminding us that he is the only revolutionary/sabalwanyi preordained for Uganda, who has to accomplish this or that. In essence, how would we live without him? How would we breathe without him? Nature will one day knock on his door, anyway.

But when he ever goes, how would we survive?  Those blurring questions need answers.
Museveni doesn’t cease to amaze me; he talks about “Bonna bagaggawale or Bonna basome (prosperity for all or education for all)!”

Ironically, it is his family that decides who should be wealthy or edified! His brother, Gen Salim Saleh, is given exorbitant billions of money to create wealth for us! His wife, Janet is the minister of education! Museveni has a mandatory budget for presidential donation!

Like I stated before, Uganda is led by the army. It also represents us in parliament without our mandate. It always toes Museveni’s line in parliament! It has a special force which, until recently, was led by his son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba.

In his infamous letter, Gen David Sejusa [Tinyefuza] alleged that there was a ploy to eliminate those who are opposed to the Muhoozi project of succeeding his father. That may well be false, however, what is not is the fact that Muhoozi rapidly rose through the ranks than those who risked their lives in the Luweero bush war.

Food for thought: what are the chances of Museveni’s family ever parting with power? What I am trying to point out is the fact that reclaiming our power from the jars of tyranny won’t be easy, because we are against a well-organized and oiled regime, which has been symmetrically built for over 30 years.

Let’s cogitate over what we had before Museveni’s regime: Cooperatives, coffee marketing boards and their banks, which were essential to farmers. These are all obliterated. Uganda Cooperative Bank, which was essential to traders, was given to Museveni’s cronies. A public transport system that comprised a bus and train network vanished and was replaced with a boda boda system!

How many people have lost their loved ones due to accidents caused by boda bodas? Despite being hazardous, they are a major source of livelihood for many families, hence a catch 22.   

Is there hope for change by perpetuating the status quo? We take ‘hope’ for granted; however, life without hope is worthless. I have two brothers who share the same name, Kigozi. To distinguish them, we named one “hopeless” and another ‘egaga’. Egaga has a flamboyant personality, and Hopeless is self explanatory. About 26 years ago, both left for London for a promising future. They are now British citizens and called “muuva bulaayas.”

A wave of despair has descended over us like a blanket of morning fog for the 31 years of Museveni’s rule. Like the Kigozis, people are fleeing Uganda like never before because of despair. Most have even vowed never to stay in Uganda but only to be brought for burial. That has caused most countries to toughen their itinerary to obtain a visa, and some, like the UK, have eliminated a visa-free status for us.

People sell their property and invest their hope to go or send their loved ones abroad! We are enslaving ourselves abroad because of hopelessness in our country. Our mothers, sisters and daughters are enduring all kinds of abuses in some Arab countries and elsewhere because of unbearable pain of despair in Uganda.  

Every concerned and caring Ugandan should play a part in ending this misery. This requires not only political activists, but religious and cultural leaders too.

Tyranny will never restore pride in our country, but people power will. History will judge us harshly if we let the perpetrators of tyranny have the upper hand. Let us shun and isolate them as if they have a contagious disease. Hold your nose whenever you see them as if they stink.

Every religion should dedicate a day of prayers every month to end tyranny.

Like never before, this is the time to be united, focused and indomitable as a nation, because the man we are fighting is adamant to keep us in subjection, and believes that he is invincible.

The author is a former journalist with Ngabo and The Star newspapers.


+1 #11 Isac 2017-10-05 17:44
Fr. Gaetano, "Who tells him that am expired, he threatened that he is coming here in Kitanga parish to tell my catechists and the Christians that they shouldn’t listen to me. If they don’t listen to me, does he want them to listen to him?…This is our work to be the voice of the voiceless.

My role as a priest, am supposed to be a shepherd to safeguard his sheep from the wolves. Now in Uganda there are so many wolves. These wolves don’t like to hear us saying anything", said Fr. Batanyenda."

This is exactly what Semakula is talking about. That was Fr. Gaetano's response to the RDC who was regurgitating about the need to lift the age limit from the constitution!

Let religious and cultural leaders come out against life presidency and/or tyranny.

I am calling upon Kabaka Mutebi and his Katikiro to come out and show the nation where they stand.

As of now, it is believed that they are the one in our way to end tyranny because of their formidable support to M7!
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0 #12 Akot 2017-10-05 17:53
Isac, agreed!

Buganda lead the Unity to bring in museveni, yet remains part of Uganda that Buganda doe's not want to be part of!!!

It makes no sense!

Buganda should know when museveni gets ownership of the zone, he won't accept defiance from Buganda as parallel authority!

Then when power struggle between them drives Mutebi out, not even UK will take him in this time because even UK has understood Uganda problem; tribalism!

Yet, I don't see why the other tribes don't Unite & throw museveni out of Kampala/Entebbe & block him looting their tribal land riches!

How pathetic Acholi don't have leadership; Acholi would have been independent 30 years ago when it was ignored by the rest of Uganda even when museveni arrested-killed them like rats!

But it seems ALL tribes are waiting for mujseveni to deliver them from hell & the waiting is going to really long!
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+1 #13 Gwok 2017-10-06 00:19
Quoting Kirya:
Thanks for the well thought out piece. Ugandan have to start the liberation batter and take power by all or any means.

We are sick of being sick of the dictator.

I understand you, Sir. By the way, are the Ganda now on board for that objective?

I ask because that approach would require a "Triangle" within their territory.
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