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Yusuf Serunkuma

Mobilizing Bebe Cool as our national poet

Karl Marx was right in observing that behind every revolution, there was a poet. Movements have...

Dr Jimmy Spire Ssentongo

Why it is hard to keep time in Uganda

I deeply respect people who still manage to keep time in our circumstances. It takes...


Special appeal to Bobi Wine on Tuliyambala Engule song

This goes out to all God-fearing people (believers) and in particular musician-cum-politician, Bobi Wine (Robert...

Diana Nabiruma

Debt: Borrowing for energy sector has not benefitted Ugandans

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, after its 5pm news bulletin, Sanyu FM aired some of...


Govt should quickly address specialist care at regional hospitals

I was recently destined to attend a thanksgiving ceremony in my village, some 30 kilometres...


Better salaries can fumigate police weevils

When President Yoweri Museveni sacked General Kale Kayihura as inspector general of police (IGP) in...


Your mail: Quit drug abuse, every breath counts

When it comes to the prevalence of drug addiction among the famous, it might be...

Bunga Bet