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Fighting a robber with a stick is better than surrendering

Last week, in this paper, Yusuf Sserunkuma, a PhD research fellow at Makerere Institute of...

Yusuf Serunkuma

Why I would support a Salim Saleh presidency

Let me begin this way: I would not only support a coup led by Gen...


Pastor Bugingo’s troubles and those of the church

Any Ugandan who travels and lives abroad consistently for a significant period of time would...

Anthony Masake

Public assemblies: why the “tomato seller” argument is flawed

In theory and principle, the right to freedom of assembly is straightforward. People are free...

Geoffrey Kasumba

Climate change should top 2021 presidential candidates manifestos

For years, climate change has been the also-ran of presidential campaign issues. A few weeks ago...

Bashir Hangi

Human activity sparking off wildlife conflicts

Conflict between people and animals is one of the main threats to the continued survival...


Parliament needs some image-polishing

Parliament is battling an image problem, which needs a fine shine of polish. To some...


Your mail: Parliament is now a liability

A few weeks ago, we were shocked though not surprised, with the news of members...