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Fufa technical master plan to change football

Fufa president Moses Magogo

Fufa president Moses Magogo

Fufa has set off for the journey to implement the Technical Master Plan.

Don’t be left out as the plan to change football in Uganda will cover an initial period running from 2023-2030. It is important that everyone joins the race with more concerted efforts, minds and ideas to take football in Ugandan at another level.

Fufa, under President Moses Hassim Magogo, has taken time to overturn fortunes of football in Uganda in the last ten years. Different stakeholders of the game have extended a lot of efforts and ideas towards development of the game.

Ideas are always fronted but not all are taken up; that doesn’t mean they are not good for the game. The biggest challenge is for people failing to accept that there are policymakers and decision-makers of the game in football in Uganda.

Policy and decision-making moments are a reserve of the Fufa executive who later give the Secretariat to continue with implementation. At the beginning of last month, Fufa launched a Technical Master Plan that will change the face of Ugandan football for the period 2023-2030.

It is Fufa’s policy to seek input from different stakeholders of the game when formulating new projects. It is exactly what was done when stakeholders from Government, Caf, Fifa, players, coaches, fans, Fufa family, sponsors and media were invited in the formulation process of the Fufa Technical Master Plan.

For the next seven years, Fufa will put a lot of emphasis on changing the beautiful game on how it is played on and off the pitch covering the philosophy and style of play. Many stakeholders have been reached out in this area.

Now that Fufa has sorted the football governance, built the football business and obtained milestone sporting success in those three key areas, it is Fufa’s plan to make sure the governance and business deliver world-class sporting performance through the Technical Master Plan.

Whenever we have promised, we have delivered and we would like you to judge us after the next seven years. Former players are all catered for in the technical master plan and it is important people find their way on how to be accommodated by this project.

The technical master plan has highlighted roles that can be taken on by former players, referees, administrators and even media. Life after football has been a huge challenge to a sizable group of people but less organized yet very influential and important to society and football.

Such people will be considered by various football families and see how to be accommodated into the system in the near future.
The author is Fufa communications director


0 #1 The Ugandan… 2023-11-30 02:27
I am yet to see this master plan but in principle this is a great development.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face,” Mike Tyson.

Let’s hope FUFA sees this plan through to the end and in good spirit.

There will be saboteurs at all levels to challenge this plan. FUFA should stay the course and avoid the tendency to go for quick results at the expense of the grand master plan.

I hope to see Ugandan coaches in the mold of PItso and hopefully original footballing schemes developed locally and spread worldwide.

I hope to see a Ugandan referee and a national team at a World Cup. And dare I say, win the 2027 AFCON.

Please stay the course.
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