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Observer locker: Can under-pressure Ten Hag survive at Man United?

Ten Hag

Ten Hag

Just five games into the new English Premier League season, and ManUnited’s prospects of claiming a first league title in a decade, are already going up in smoke, following a third defeat over the weekend...

Kabuye: I just want Man United to do one thing for me; get relegated.
Vianney: Thank you very much, ssebo!
Mugalu: By the way, kati bagiyita 3-1 United FC... so, Kabuye dont worry at this rate they could be on the way to the championship.

Zziwa: Spin told us that Ole was a P.E. teacher, who cannot coach. What is wrong now with Ten Hag?
Spin: That one is another dead wood. He is only fit for a mid-table team. Maybe Luton. Not United.
Zziwa: Eyi......but Spin. Be serious.

Spin: A man who sent away Cristiano Ronaldo and remained with Martial. And then, only buys from the Dutch League. Is he serious?
Mugalu: Spin has never forgiven Ten Hag for sending away Ronaldo.
Zziwa: So, it is no longer Maguire and Pogba that are the problem anymore?

Spin: The man failed to address our major problems and instead sent away De Gea.
Vianney: Of course I know Teg Hag wanted a playing goalkeeper. But that was never a pressing issue at United.

Gaston: But do not worry, Vianney. Ffe wetuli aba Arsenal okubagumya.
Mugerwa: Ye Ssebo, obagumya aba United gwe?
Gaston: Yes, in Runyankore there is a saying that tells us to care for those suffering pain like Manchester United fans.

Mugalu: That is a good spirit, Gaston.
Gaston: Even Archbishop Kaziinda Mugalu told us to pray for United fans. Bambi two 1-3 losses in a row are hard to take.

Vianney: Honestly, United is now a shambles. The fighting spirit is all gone.
George: But with all the coaches and players bought, life never improves at United. It is a mystery.
Zziwa: Naye, what does United need? I think they just need to accept to suffer now and stabilize the team.

Vianney: Constant change is also not good at all.
Zziwa: You see, the moment you keep picking on individuals as the problem, you miss the point. They said Maguire, who does not play anymore. But United’s losing continues.
Spin: Nedda ssebo, United needs to sign a coach of Arteta’s caliber; someone who can learn fast.

Mugalu: But it has taken Arteta four years to return Arsenal to the Champions League.
Spin: Then, let them bring Zidane, an instant hit.
Zziwa: Bannange, we need to pray for Spin. He is all over the place now because of United.

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