Congs to the football legislators

Moses Magogo

Moses Magogo

As the country went to the polls to elect new members of parliament, my interest was mostly in constituencies where sports figures were standing.

In Moses Magogo, Allan Sewanyana, Hamson Obua, Kayemba Solo, Dennis Mbidde and Diana Nyago, among others, I was hoping for the best for each of them. As it turned out, not everyone managed to get through to parliament but for one, I took no time to send my congrats to Magogo.

Almost in an instant, he replied and told me: ‘This victory is for all of us in sports.’ This melted my heart because my relationship with Magogo is a bitter-sweet one full of highs and lows. But that is for another time. On his victory in Budope, I have no doubt he is headed for bigger things.

In fact, I am praying that he is appointed to cabinet because he is an astute planner. Sports has greatly been overlooked but in Magogo, Sewanyana and Obua, the sports state minister, I have a gut feeling we shall hear a lot about sports on the floor of parliament.

On the other hand, this is the opportune moment for Magogo to let go his stranglehold in Fufa to allow new blood take over from him. No doubt he has steadied the national team, The Cranes, but his policies on domestic football leave a lot to be desired.

It would a great honour if he steps aside like his predecessor and allow smooth running of the game, especially at a time when there are more questions than answers about the future and relevance of the sport. In Justus Mugisha, Fufa has a dependable leader who has already demonstrated his qualities to serve.

There are also many other leaders in Fufa who have failed to showcase their potential due to the overbearing influence of the Fufa president. So, as we look forward to the future, there is need for Magogo to show some selflessness.

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