Observer locker: Man United make noise at the top

Following the goalless draw between Liverpool and Manchester United at Anfield on January 18, the latter remain atop the Premier League table for at least another week; and they are talking big....

Spin: Bannange, we need to look at the Premier League table.
Mugerwa: Why at this time, when we are still in election time?
Vianney: Spin, do not waste your time with Mugerwa, especially when Arsenal is still struggling.

Mugerwa: After you switched off the Internet; now you want us to talk about what we do not know.
Vianney: That is not the way things are boss. The game was on TV.
Spin: Ssebo, now those issues of joint top are over.

Vianney: These Liverpool guys survived; they were like a cockroach, that crawls past a chicken’s beak.
Kabuye: You think being atop the league is easy. You wait and see.
Sebugwawo: Being on top is not for any joker. So, you should respect Liverpool.

Hossam: Man, United has been knocking people out of the way, straight from the second page to first page on top.
Edris: Ha, these United guys are now speaking with a lot of arrogance.
Bamulanzeki: They are like someone I know.
Mugalu: Who is that arrogant person you know?

Bamulanzeki: He knows himself. I do not need to mention him.
Mugalu: By the way, Mr. Zziwa, how are you? Welcome back from the voting. How’s Arsenal?

Zziwa: The other day you said we do not make news. Now why are you asking about us?
Mugalu: I just want to know how it feels being in the bottom half.
Gaston: By the way how is Arsenal these days?

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