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Observer locker: Excited Arsenal junkies demand table standings

Excitement has already gripped the locker-room, with Arsenal junkies demanding the table standings to be read out loudly following the Gunners’ 3-0 thrashing of Fulham in the opening weekend of the English Premier League season...

Mugerwa: Ha,  Vianney, what does it mean when they write that Liverpool defence is porous? I have just been reading the  Daily Mail Online....
Vianney: It means they can’t defend well; so, the Liverpool defence is leaking goals!
Zziwa: Banange, read out the League table!
Spin: Which league table are you talking about?

Vianney: Has the league started?
Zziwa: I hate it when people feign ignorance. Please read out the league table.
Bamulanzeki: Exactly, the Premier League started.
Mugerwa: And Arsenal is on top. We just whipped Fulham on Saturday.
Bamulanzeki: Ndowooza Willian mwamulabye. He is not the spent force Kisakye claimed he was.

Zziwa: Ye, where is this Kisakye man?
Vianney: He is working on Chelsea transfers.
Zziwa: That man has so much hate for Arsenal; he must be crying we won, and Willian created the goals.
Mugalu: Naye, how come Arsenal people are already talking too much? Is the league complete?

Zziwa: Twala eri. Sit down. And by the way, Arsenal is winning the league.
Spin: Naye Liverpool mwanaabye ggokya against Leeds.
Kabuye: Haha….the truth is Leeds guys gave some battering.
Spin: It is now Van Dijk highway….

Kabuye: That empty talk about Van Dijk won’t be dignified with a response.
Spin: Klopp said that Liverpool are not owned by a country or an oligarch. He seems upset that teams are signing big names and he is not.
Mugalu: But that is the truth.
Vianney: Who has stopped him signing?

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