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Can Man United catch up with title contenders?

Manchester United’s 1-0 win over Tottenham Hotspurs on January 13 was full proof that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign as club manager, has the team in take-off mode and prompted the junkies to debate a possibility of late title challenge...

Vianney: Like the finance minister Matia Kasaija indicated last week about the Uganda economy being in take-off mode, so is Manchester United after Sunday’s win.
Bamulanzeki: Go away. That Tottenham are simply a bad team.
Vianney: You man, get serious. Did you see how well Marcus Rashford took his goal?

Mugerwa: I think Hugo Lloris simply did a bad job in goal.
Vianney: Nedda Mugerwa, that finish was sublime. Take nothing away from the boy.
Bamulanzeki: Man United fans have now started talking. Now you listen to this Vianney man.

Lumu: I didn’t know that short men[Vianney] easily get excited. The funny thing is that no matter how much Manchester United win, they will not get into the top four.
Kabuye: Ba gayi tewali gye badda. They have won many games, but they are still sixth.
Vianney: The more reason you of Liverpool should worry; otherwise, you would not be talking about United.

Kabuye: There is nothing Manchester United can do to Liverpool.
Mugalu: Liverpool do our talking on the field.
Lumu: Twala eri. By the way, Liverpool are not going to win the league this year, although they are convincing themselves they are.

Spin: I understand, that Manchester United are coming from down like a hurricane, singing toka kwa barabara. Whom are they telling?
Sebugwawo: That is Arsenal. There is actually fear that Arsenal could fall on Manchester United.
Mugerwa: But why doesn’t the Arsenal board fire Unai Emery and bring Zidane?

Gaston: Eh! What is wrong with Arsenal?
Lumu: Now look at this farmer. He does not even know that Arsenal lost to West Ham.
Vianney: I told Gaston that Man United are coming to knock out Arsenal, and he said that was impossible.

Gaston: Of course I stick to my word. Manchester United cannot finish above Arsenal.
Kakaire: But for me, I knew Arsenal was not good enough all along.
Bamulanzeki: But you man, you are shifting goalposts. You said that once Wenger leaves, Arsenal would be better. Now, because we lost, you are saying something different.

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