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Observer locker: Can SC Villa fight off relegation threat?

In their worst start ever to the season, SC Villa are lounging in the relegation zone just after seven games and so, the Jogoos fans are already worried …

Zziwa: Eh! This is unbelievable, Villa could get relegated.
Sebugwawo: That cannot happen.
Zziwa: But you have failed to win games, and you think it is impossible to be relegated? Ataabalaba…

Sebugwawo: Ssebo, eno Villa, biigi sayizi.

Vianney: Man, Villa is in a bad situation. It’s not a joke. I predicted this scenario for Villa.
Lumu: But how could you think Villa would drop so far?
Vianney: People, we saw how Misagga left the club. He sold all the good players.
Zziwa: Clearly, Misagga put Villa in the troubles they are in.

Lumu: That cannot justify losing to Mbarara City.
Vianney: That is what you think. Look at the players Mbarara City have; they are better than Villa’s.
Mugalu: I think Nkemba and group must wake up or else they are dead!
Vianney: They cannot feel sorry for themselves, because of what happened in the past. They must work to revive Villa at all cost.

Mugalu: Put simply, Villa is embarrassing.
Spin: I think Villa should have appointed Sebugwawo as coach.
Zziwa: Naye, how come Liverpool were bringing on defenders in the last minutes?
Kakaire: By the way, I also did not understand that decision.

Zziwa: According to Vianney, who is tactical and technical, Liverpool were dying; so, they had to bring on defenders.
Kabuye: Ssebo, Vianney said that Liverpool was defending.
Vianney: Arsenal and Liverpool game was such a fine game.
Bamulanzeki: I must give Unai Emery credit for lifting Arsenal again. Under Wenger, we would never do this well.

Zziwa: Otandise. How can you sound like the British press, who are now dismissing Wenger?
Bamulanzeki: Of course, we are playing well, better than last season.
Kakaire: Liverpool and Arsenal are still very average, you guys.
Mugalu: Kakaire wants unnecessary attention.

Kakaire: What have I said that is untrue?
Bamulanzeki: Your submissions are too pedestrian, Kakaire. Bino bitulekere.
Mugerwa: Thank you for putting him in his place.
Bamulanzeki: Vianney, how are you preparing for Manchester City?
Vianney: That one, may God help us!

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