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Observer locker: Boxing woes plus a club junkies don’t want to talk about

In the wake of Arsenal’s fourth straight loss, it has become a taboo to speak ill of the club but all is also not well in the administration of boxing and netball...

Mugalu: Good morning, everyone; let us observe a minute of silence for Zziwa and Lumu because this suffering has reached unbearable proportions.
Nsimbe: Add this Kakaire man too on the sombre list.
Sebugwawo: Minute’s silence won’t be enough. The demoralised guys actually need prayers.

Mwesigwa: Eh, the rate at which Arsenal is going down…they might end up playing in the Fufa Big League.
Nsimbe: Please Sebugwawo lead us in prayer; our colleagues may not turn up for work today.
Sebugwawo: I’m going to call it the Arsenal prayer.

Sebugwawo: Humble yourselves. Our Wenger, who art in Emirates, they Arsenal come, thy losses be done at home and away. Give us our Arsenal daily bread. And forgive their lethargic team as we also forgive their possession style. For Europa is their kingdom, forever and ever…
Lumu: Some fools are gonna pay a heavy price for this mockery.

Mugalu: Eh..Zziwa please…why have you switched off the TV?
Mwesigwa: We want to watch the highlights…
Lumu: Also take the remote for good. These guys woke up early for work only to make noise. This is a newsroom, and not a smoking chimney.

Nsimbe: Is that dig aimed at you, Sebugwawo?
Sebugwawo: I pity him…because this is also not Club Obbligato.
Mwesigwa: Banaye, let’s declare that we will not talk about Arsenal anymore until they win a match.

Sebugwawo: That is suicidal…what if they don’t win again this season?
Bamulanzeki: I really feel sorry for them. They are not any different from this man called Gimugu; he just keeps losing everywhere he goes.

Mugalu: That fight is far from over, my friend. Gimugu also has his backers but the unfortunate thing here is  that it is the boxers that suffer most.
Mwesigwa: But how did that Gimugu man come to be in boxing?

Sebugwawo: Why? Doesn’t his head resemble that of boxers?
Mwesigwa: The figure resembles that of mweso players.

Sebugwawo: By the way, I had also never heard of this young fella called Muhangi until recently…
Mwesigwa: You mean he is coming out of motorsport retirement to take up boxing administration?People can really be greedy.

Mbanga: Sit down, short man. The one Subgwawo is talking about is Nyakana’s puppet, I suspect.
Mugalu: You jokers don’t know anything about boxing.
Sebugwawo: But, Mugalu, where do you fall? For me I go with the one NCS supports.

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