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Motorcenter EA launches King Long ‘smart’ buses

Kyadondo rugby grounds is known for having sweaty muscled guys running after an oval ball for eighty minutes with beautiful girls on the side cheering them.

Last weak, the home to Ugandan rugby turned into a car exhibition arena as Motorcenter East Africa launched the latest King Long buses on to the Ugandan market.

There were five buses parked next to each other at the back side of the main training ground for rugby teams. Invited guests were given a chance to tour the buses and interact with the drivers.

With accidents being rampant on major highways this year, the buses come in handy with safety features. They come with dual-layer longitudinal beams throughout vehicle frames which cater for the African conditions, closed-loop design of body frame, pre-stressed side and top outer skins which increase the vehicle’s integrity.

Many buses get into accidents due to over loading. In this regard, the King Long buses are built with an indigenous layout of an 11-metre luggage compartment which provides  ample space for luggage as always demanded by passengers. There is also a rear luggage compartment for those that carry large size bags.

Meanwhile, the front axle is equipped with disc brake as a standard component, offering stable braking performance. The brake block and front are built with another layer to ensure that they don’t wear off easily. This makes them more effortlessly adapt to the African terrain.

Joseph Ssemuwemba, the chief executive officer of Motorcenter East Africa told The Observer that safety always comes first, and that this is a bus Uganda needs on the road.

“We are already in partnership with bus companies here so that we can offer them our buses so that they can include them in their fleet,” he said.


For those who love to stay connected when on the road,  all the 56 seats come fitted with phone charging plugs, while the entire bus has wifi connection. There is additional leg room and adjustable seats which provide more comfort during long journeys.

The buses are also fitted with high definition LCD plasma screens to give one a memorable journey. There are also independent air conditioning outlets and reading lights just in case you have a book to read as you travel.

Ssemuwemba noted that the buses will be going through all the East African countries under different companies.


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