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Same pistol in Isma Olaxes murder used in Bugingo shooting

FILE Police has established that the same pistol used in Isma Olaxes was used in pastor Bugingo shooting

FILE Police has established that the same pistol used in Isma Olaxes was used in pastor Bugingo shooting

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo was shot at with the same pistol that was used to kill vlogger Isma Olaxes aka Isma Tusubira last year, forensic experts have established.

Bugingo was allegedly attacked on Tuesday night by unknown people who also killed his bodyguard and driver Cpl Richard Muhumuza. Muhumuza, a well-trained soldier in the Special Forces Command (SFC) which guards the president and other key installations in the country was known by many in Bugingo's church as "Mukadde we kanisa" (elder of the church).

The ballistic examination of the bullets recovered from Bugingo's vehicle, the crime scene, and projectiles removed from Muhumuza's body have been connected to Olaxes' killer pistol. Olaxes was murdered in May 2023 near his home in Kyanja, Nakawa Division, in Kampala. For eight months now, detectives have not made any breakthrough, and so far, no suspect has been arrested.

"As we had said earlier the pistol is not in any of the security agencies' records. But we have now established that the same pistol that killed Isma Olaxes is the same that was used in the failed assassination of Pr Bugingo," the source said.

Muhumuza's body was found with 13 bullet wounds and seven bullets were retrieved from his body. Olaxes was shot six times even though in total security collected nine cartridges.

Meanwhile, Bugingo's vehicle has been removed from the Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) at Naguru police headquarters to the Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) in Kibuli. This was after the Directorate Crime Intelligence (DCI) and DFS agreed that the vehicle should be handed over to CID headquarters.

A police driver drove it to CID headquarters where the investigations are being headed by Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) Beata Chelimo. However, drama ensued as senior CID officers questioned who authorized the transfer of the vehicle to their headquarters without the director's consent.

Because of the disagreements on who should keep Pr Bugingo's vehicle which bears 11 visible bullet holes, it was agreed that it should be handed over to the Inspector of Vehicles Officer (IOV) at Old Kampala.

Investigators have since collected seven CCTV videos from Salt Media premises, police security cameras on the road including cameras on private buildings in an attempt to unearth the whole truth behind the botched assassination.


+14 #1 Kent Mawa 2024-01-05 22:55
This is trypical Lol situation . Too much creativity .

IsnĀ“t this the same "CID" that tried to convince the public that Kanyamunyu was merely a Good Samaritan who only helped to drive dying Akena to hospital ?

Later on , though , the lies fell apart one after another..
. Kanyamunyu is in jail but none of the men/ women who tried to forge or conceal evidence has been punished.
What about Bobi Wine`s 2 guns in Arua ?

For Gods sake , who does not know that YOU DO NOT REMOVE a car in which someone has just been shot dead , drive it to another location , then to another and then ( after 3 days)dramatically unravel bloody photos and bullet holes ?

Yes , they can fake miracles ; but that doesn`t mean that we cannot figure out what makes sense and what does not.
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+5 #2 Lakwena 2024-01-06 18:42
But why should Afande, Cpl Richard Muhumuza, be body-guarding and driving a Pastor Bugingo, who is already protected b the Blood of Jesus?

In other words, it is impossible to mix love/compassion and violence and/or God and Satan's Ideals (Heaven and Hell),etc. and come out with something in-between!
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+1 #3 Kakoligo 2024-01-07 20:58
Nonsense! NRA (Notorious Robbers Army) Legacy is Death and Destruction! 1.000.000 Dead Ugandans to Justify the Existence of Rwandese in Uganda with Only One Goal! Kill, Maim, and Claim what Belongs to The Killed!..Where is Niyonzimana Aloisi Born in Uganda!? Nowhere!?

Why are Pastors Big Business Today where Even Women have abandoned being Wives and Mothers to Become Pastors??

Uganda belongs to Blood Hounds bent on Killing Folks to Enrich themselves at All Costs ! it is Only in the hands of Folks to Stand Up and Defend Themselves! Luckily Enough They are Invincible and Bullet Proof as Bavandimwe! Chapa hawo Risasi Kuma za mama zawo!
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0 #4 wadada rogers 2024-01-08 04:06
If it is true and confirmed that fire arm that was used to kill RIchard is the same pistol that was used to kill Isma Olaxes, does it not mean the owner of that fire arm is at large, doesnt it also mean that the suspects that were arrested and remanded for the alleged murder of Isma are actual being accused falsely.
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+1 #5 wadada rogers 2024-01-08 04:09
Isnt Bugingo guilty of interfering with a scene of crime, why wouldnt we think Bugingo was not in that very car in which Muhumuza was shot and killed and simply jumped on the band wagon in order to attract sympathy , why is the President not bothered by that incident, why has he not blamed it on the ADF
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+2 #6 Kidepwe 2024-01-08 15:30
According to Pastor Bugingo's narrative, he was in constant conversation with God, who told him what and what not to do, that enabled him survive death..

Can't police ask Bugingo to ask God, to reveal who these killers are? All these disjointed statements from the police, actually reveal how incompetent and out of its depth the police is. But Ugandans already know this.
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0 #7 ugthinker 2024-01-08 16:24
why is the media referring this case as a " botched assassination" instead of Muhumuza murder?

Is it a mistake, intended distortion or big man syndrome?
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+1 #8 Kent Mawa 2024-01-08 21:58
Answering Ugthinker:

Because the media remembers Rambo`s name instead of the names of those who died in the film.

Like Rambo, Bugingo`s God was right there yelling survival instructions while Muhumuza took the bullets.
In other words , this is not Muhumuza murder; its is MK-P & The Bandits
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+1 #9 Kony 2024-01-09 16:01
A pistol only carries 9 bullets how comes the body has 13 bullet wounds. something not right, who authorises a pastor to be guarded by special forces?

why is his church packed with 6 SFC soldiers guarding bugingo.
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