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Arua engineer released after refunding Shs 28m embezzled roads money

Arua city engineer Charles Omona

Arua city engineer Charles Omona

Arua city engineer Charles Omona has been released on police bond after refunding over Shs 28 million that he'd embezzled.

Omona was arrested on Thursday this week by a team from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit  (SHACU) over allegations of embezzling the money meant to rehabilitate roads within the city.

According to a statement released by SHACU, Omona, together with other suspects still at large, in June this year, irregularly transferred over Shs 56 million from the Arua City's Treasury single account to the imprest account in a yet-to-be-identified bank and withdrew it in cash.

The money was reportedly handed over to Omona to pay service providers who did some road works and maintenance of works department vehicles. Instead, he used part of the money to solve his domestic problems, SHACU noted.

West Nile Region police spokesperson Josephine Angucia says that on Thursday, SHACU discovered Shs 5 million from the suspect's home in Arua Academy Cell, Arua Central Division. She adds that Omona has now been released on police bond after his wife paid a balance of Shs 23.6 million.

Omona is expected to report to the State House Ant-Corruption Unit in Kampala on November 27 for further management of his case. 


+1 #1 Mubiru 2023-11-27 00:48
Money exposed and returned is just a drop in the Uganda ocean contaminated with filth of stealing and bribes.

Unfortunately the little which has been revealed and redeemed is likely to be stolen by whatever method of Transport from Arua to the Treasury in Kampala
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0 #2 Kibedi Nkuutu 2023-11-27 15:57
There is something I have not understood here. When someone "steals" money from the district coffers, he is merely told to "return" the money, and the story ends there!

So, if i steal a goat, am arrested but return the goat....then there is no crime! As long as you took or misappropriated money that does not belong to you, you have committed a crime, period!

Returning what you stole does not exonerate you from the innitial crime. These people who steal money should actually be liable for their crimes, not merely "returning" the money, as is the case with most IGG cases. This is setting a very dangerous precedent for everyone. Get real people!!!
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0 #3 Odongo Richard Otim 2023-11-27 16:02
Returning that money won't be any solution for his case and the money will never be used as intended, because it will end into another one's Pocket, and what he has done is that he has already given evidence that he stole the money and will not add sugar to his case.

Let him just face the Law, unless Court accept to pardon him under the Law of Mercy and forgiveness.
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0 #4 Mubiru 2023-11-28 18:01
But Otim!! Since when did Uganda thieves ever face the Law?

What you hear as remotely seemingly to Law is just to cite one example is when criminals are freed under false pretences of being given bails which are only mandatory in lawless Uganda.

How do you expect thief accused of embezzling millions or billions of money not to interfere with investigations when he/she can easily buy the corrupt Judiciary?

The farce is only intended to please Uganda exploiters called investors like the Chinese buying Uganda as if the country is Ensenene
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