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Mitooma chief magistrate Nvanungi remanded over Shs 2.5m bribe

Chief magistrate Sylvia Nvanungi (left) and state attorney Jacqueline Bako in the dock

Chief magistrate Sylvia Nvanungi (left) and state attorney Jacqueline Bako in the dock

The Anti-Corruption court in Kampala has remanded Mitooma chief magistrate Sylvia Nvanungi and Sembabule resident state attorney Jacqueline Bako over alleged corruption.

They appeared before chief magistrate Joan Aciro who charged them with eight counts of corruption. Bako was implicated in all charges, while Nvanungi was involved in one count.

The offenses allegedly occurred during Nvanungi's tenure as Sembabule chief magistrate. In April 2023, while holding public positions, the duo allegedly solicited gratification of Shs 2.5 million from relatives of suspects in exchange for bail or altering charge sheets.

The prosecution alleges that Bako received Shs 1.48 million cash from Franco Mulangwa as part of this arrangement. The accused pleaded not guilty to the charges and requested bail.

The court rejected their plea citing a lack of credible sureties. Nvanungi argued for her release due to personal health issues and familial responsibilities, citing a need to explain her situation to judicial authorities.

Despite her emotional plea, court denied her bail based on inadequate documentation provided by the proposed sureties. Aciro emphasized the lack of proper identification documents for the sureties. The court remanded the accused individuals until November 23 and advised them to file a second bail application if desired. 

The prosecution, represented by Stanley Baine, indicated ongoing investigations and opposed bail for the accused individuals. The accused were arrested by detectives from the State House Anti-Corruption Unit which swiftly brought them to court to face trial.


+1 #1 kabayekka 2023-11-24 05:50
These are crooked adminitrators who seem to have told lies about how they loved working for a very popular and long serving government of Uganda.

It does seem that those who gave them these jobs are the ones who accepted to be misguided and must take the most blame!
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-1 #2 kambarage 2023-11-24 21:35
I suspect workplace politics. Most of these officials fall victim to fraudulent litigants who see themselves losing the cases and forge corruption cases against the magistrates.

From experience of seeing many magistrates framed, I cannot quickly judge these officials.
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