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Bigirimana defends his 'obscene' sex book

Judiciary permanent secretary Dr Pius Bigirimana has lashed back at those criticizing him for writing a 'lecherous' book, saying sex, has of late been relegated to a joking matter yet it has always been revered among African traditions.

Bigirimana said he didn't write the book as the judiciary PS or academician but rather as a concerned caring parent. The book titled; Naked Truth launched by chief justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo about three weeks ago carries a chapter about how and when sex should be done, has gained controversy on social media platforms with many people criticizing it because of the profane language used therein.

Bigirimana said he wrote the book in that way because it was meant for those who are in marriage and those who are aspiring to get married to understand the sex subject better. He says these should know that sex is the main reason for the union of a man and a woman and without it, families can break down.   

"I'm saying we should not lose track because people have been playing around with this institution...I didn't write this book as the judiciary, neither did I write it as an academician, neither did I write it as a scholar. I wrote it as an independent parent with children but I also wrote as a person who cares about important things in this institution called marriage," said Bigirimana.
According to Bigirimana, the book dared to unravel the mysteries of human sexuality and hidden African magic traditions. He said as he wrote, he reflected on the inter-collectedness of people’s bodies and spirits. 

“There is a chapter which is talking about your mind, location. If you look at chapter three, you will understand what I'm talking about. In basing our sexuality, we unlock the doors to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our cultural heritage," said Bigirimana.

He added that the main message in the book is that sex should not be looked at as a mere physical act but it should be seen as a system of intimacy to incorporate emotions, physical, spiritual and a bonding act.

He noted that young people need to know that sex is not a joking matter and should go for it well knowing that it is something that they should respect.

Bigirimana has so far authored six books including one about the war in northern Uganda entitled; From Tears to Cheers, which is a brief analysis of the reconstruction of region between 2007 and 2012, and that he was motivated by those who were claiming that the government had done nothing to help the people in northern Uganda and the COVID-19 Lockdown Chronicles, Abundance Mentality among others.    

Principal judge Dr Flavian Zeija called upon the need for recognizing and quoting local writers so as to provide encouragement and support to emerging talent. He said this fosters a culture of creativity and innovation, nurturing the next generation of storytellers.

“Celebrating our local writers can also have a profound impact on literacy rates and the love of reading within our communities. When we quote their words, we inspire others to explore their works, fostering a culture of reading and intellectual curiosity," said Zeija.  


0 #1 Wante Martino 2023-10-03 14:01
Shame on a man held high by many people, Sebo, if the book was meant for the marrieds, why then is it on OPEN market?
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0 #2 Faizal 2023-10-03 23:28
Quite interesting how a person of such level position in government has time to drill into matters of Sex.

Can such issues be left to Kojjas to lecture us on how sex should be performed. Our judiciary is stuck with backlog of cases, victims justice continues to be delayed, very sad indeed.
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