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Rwanda-bound fuel tanker bursts into flames in Kabale after accident

The fuel tanker burnt beyond recognition

The fuel tanker burnt beyond recognition

Transport at the Uganda-Rwanda border along the Kabale-Katuna road was on Saturday morning paralyzed after a fuel tanker burst into flames after failing to negotiate a corner.

The accident occurred at Nyakasharara village in Kicumbi parish, Kamuganguzi sub-county, Kabale district. According to eyewitnesses, the fuel tanker was heading to Kigali, Rwanda from Mombasa, Kenya.

They say that the driver, who could have failed to control the vehicle, came hooting endlessly while driving at a very high speed.       

After the driver failed to negotiate a sharp corner at Nyakasharara, the vehicle rolled and immediately burst into flames, burning beyond recognition. They however say that the driver and turnboy managed to get out unhurt and fled. 


+1 #1 Jose 2023-09-24 07:50
Yeah mechanical break down , n the driver detected thats why he was warning all people by hooting

They had to run to police just to report the incident, but some bakkiga would want to make out that mbu over speeding
You don't overspeed n again hoot to warn
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