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UPDF soldier shoots dead 18 cows, injures 25 others in Nakapiripirit

The soldier killed several animals

The soldier killed several animals

A Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF) soldier, Pte Yosefi Baguma has shot dead 18 cows and injured 25 others in Nakapiripirit district, northeastern Uganda.

The incident took place on Sunday at about 10:30 am when Baguma, a member of the security team assigned to graze the impounded cows, went on a shooting spree with his firearm at the Moruita-protected kraal.

Maj Moses Amuya, the acting UPDF 3rd division spokesperson, confirmed the incident. Following the incident, security swung into action and arrested the suspect, who is presently in custody at the 407 Brigade headquarters. Amuya explained that the cows were part of the 291 livestock impounded on September 9 from Naborokocha and Pian Upe game reserve. 

Security impounded the animals in response to the killing of one soldier and the injury of two others in August 2023. Amuya disclosed that these cows were earmarked to compensate the victims of the raids, and the military deeply regrets the misconduct exhibited by their officers.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the suspect may have been suffering from severe mental disturbance, and he will undergo a thorough medical examination to determine the underlying cause.

Amuya appealed to the local community to remain calm and patient as they investigated the matter comprehensively to take appropriate further action.

He also highlighted the progress made in the ongoing operation against the criminals responsible for the soldiers' killings in August. Three guns were recovered, seven suspects have been arrested pending prosecution procedures, and 38 exhibit cows were successfully recovered during these operations.


+4 #1 Lysol 2023-09-19 04:44
That is a typical case of a mental health condition of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), which is common in the military.

Unfortunately, many ordinary Ugandans also have mental health issues. Some people are not even aware, or they tend to deny that they have one. You can only get help, if you accept it, before it's too late.
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0 #2 Lakwena 2023-09-19 08:25
In other other words, instead of guarding and defending the four corners of this country, Pte Yosefi Baguma could not imagine himself ending up in the middle of nowhere; guarding and looking after dumb, all-day-long chewing, urinating, farting and sh**ting cattle in the wilderness of Karamoja.

Otherwise, until the barbaric and backward NRM leadership came in forcefully, in the Good-old-days, when state Institutions were clearly defined with strict boundaries; it was not the Military/Army, but the well trained, facilitated (paid), equipped, dressed, fed, transported and housed Paramilitary Special Force Police that dealt with the Karamajong cattle raid Enigma (headache).
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0 #3 Lysol 2023-09-19 18:53
The use of the army to contain cattle rustling did not begin with Museveni, it was in place before independence from the British's rule . One British officer was killed in Moroto by the rustlers.

Even Idi Amin was personally involved in containing
cattle rustling, before he overthrew Obote's regime. After that, a Tracking Force was formed to fight rustling, instead of the police and the army.
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