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Police indefinitely suspend Bobi Wine country tours over traffic jam

Kyagulanyi and his supporters in Mbale recently

Kyagulanyi and his supporters in Mbale recently

In a move that will perhaps surprise no one accustomed to the country's political dynamics, Uganda Police Force has suspended the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party countrywide mobilisation tours.

In a strongly-worded and angry statement issued by the deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj Katsigazi Tumusiime on behalf of IGP, Martins Okoth Ochola, police claims, that NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi has breached guidelines that were earlier agreed upon ahead of the tours about 2 weeks ago.

"We are sending this strong message, that our country, Uganda, will not wait for its villages, towns, urban centres and cities to burn, before taking action to protect its citizens and property. We are going to put an end to the mob mentality, bullying and intimidation tactics of NUP radicals, against innocent civilians and law enforcers," said Katsigazi in a statement written in different fonts and sizes.

According to police, the mobilization activities especially in Kasana-Luweero district were "used to incite violence, promote sectarianism, make illegitimate calls for the removal of an elected, and issuance of defamatory statements against the person of HE The President of the Republic of Uganda."

While in Luweero, Kyagulanyi challenged the locals to take responsibility and unseat President Museveni's government after all they were responsible for bringing the NRA/M to power which he accused of impoverishing Ugandans in the last 40 years. Museveni began his protracted 5-year bush war in Luweero before assuming power in 1986.

Kyagulanyi also questioned the alleged tribalism and nepotism being practiced by the NRM government against the general populace. He also said he had received intelligence that the state was out to assassinate him, but called on the people to avenge his death if it were to happen.

Kyagulanyi began his tours in Mbarara in western Uganda where mammoth crowds gathered to listen to him. He then moved to eastern and northern Uganda where even more crowds gathered and brought business to a standstill.

Except for the occasional blockade by security from accessing community and local radio stations, the tours have been generally free of any violence or chaos but the growing crowds have apparently rubbed the ruling government the wrong way. Many NRM supporters called on government to put a stop to the tours. Amidst the recent bomb scare, the army warned that Kyagulanyi's rallies were susceptible to terror attacks.

"While we completely support the right of individuals, groups and other citizens to peacefully gather or assemble, and make their views on matters of public policy, we have noticed that, in all areas where the NUP mobilization activities have been carried out, there have been total breaches to the guidelines, thus causing public disorder, unnecessary traffic jams, loss of business, malicious damage to property, for instance in Mbarara city, their rowdy supporters vandalised a Toyota Hiance, under reg. no. UBD 251J and traffic accidents, including a fatal one in Hoima City on the 11.09.2023, where a one Mugisa Norman died and 10 others got serious injuries during the NUP convoy," said the police.

President Museveni's son, Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba who has also expressed intention to stand for presidency in 2026 also carried out mobilisation tours across the country where with the help of police, several roads were closed off to allow his supporters to showcase their support.


+6 #1 kasede 2023-09-14 12:57
The police is MOST LIKELY acting on M7's POLITICIZED orders, isn't it?
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+1 #2 Mubiru 2023-09-14 13:00
As clarification of my comments under "WHO WILL OWN THE 2026 CROWDS" in this paper I emphasise that huge gatherings don't translate into success by any candidate attracting the most unprecedented crowds.

Kizza Besigye and Kyagulanyi would have been Presidents already and Museveni would be irrelevant now. Instead of having fraudulent elections Uganda would save billions by cancelling them and withstand threats by homosexual donors of stopping their funds

Museveni must stand firm because even in UK the bastion of homosexuals there are several people who hate homos. Homophobic attacks and stabbing have increased by 41% in UK according to the Home Office data report just published.

Stopping Kyagulanyi's tours is of no consequence as long as the 2026 results are already determined though the creepers will howl and pretend otherwise. The elections must be cancelled and save billions for the dispossessed. Thieves have looted enough to live on forever
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+5 #3 kabayekka 2023-09-14 13:38
What sort of Pan-African national democracy is this one?
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+4 #4 Kent Mawa 2023-09-14 14:00
The beauty is that everyone is entled to their opinois, and facts are also entitleded to their varity.

Whether or not elections are predetermined or whether or not crowds translate into votes is something that many of change-seekers agree on. ; but what we all can not ignore is that NUP tour revealed that Ugandans are yearning for change.

The cowards that stopped the tour did not do so because crowds are meaningless ; they stopped the tour because is effective .
Simple logic is never simple
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+5 #5 Kidepwe 2023-09-14 15:21
It was just a matter of time before Museveni's security forces, staffed by the most inept and incompetent personnel in its leadership in the history of Uganda, and whose primary objective is to maintain a tyrant in power, would step in, on the flimsiest of imaginary excuses, to curb Bobi Wine.

But..., sooner or later, one way or another, Musevenis tyranny will end. History always repeats itself.
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+4 #6 A K Mukasa 2023-09-14 19:11
Crowds showing support for politicians is okay provided the politician is an NRM member and is not a threat to the ruling family.

What is good for Muhoozi should be good for Bobbi. But no. It is only the first family that is permitted to traverse the country with paid crowds in tow.

We all knew it would not last as Museveni and his handlers can’t let the world know that contrary to the election results, and what they are always trying to portray, Ugandans are yearning for change and support for change is very strong and popular. The only thing that is keeping them in power is the gun, period.
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-1 #7 Remase 2023-09-14 21:34
Mubiru, beware, a lunatic is on the loose. You will be accused of reputation as if it's a crime.

For emphasis, let me repeat your words, Kama mbaya-mbaya, "WHO WILL OWN THE 2026 CROWDS" in this paper I emphasized that huge gatherings don't translate into success by any candidate attracting the most unprecedented crowds."

This dude was leading us to believe that Kyagulanyi's crowds "may have caught a lot of people unwares." However, you as well as, I believe that there is nothing new.

You reiterated, "Kizza Besigye and Kyagulanyi would have been Presidents already and Museveni would be irrelevant now."

The above article has further proved that there wasn't anyone who was unaware that M7 is allergic to the crowds competition in which he is a looser, "In a move that will perhaps surprise no one accustomed to the country's political dynamics, Uganda Police Force has suspended the opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) party countrywide mobilization tours."
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+1 #8 Remase 2023-09-14 22:08
I hate to be a prophet, however, this what I stated, "Since when has M7 ever allowed the opposition to hold rallies of the kind of [current Kyagulanyi rallies], in which Kyagulanyi is seemingly attracting larger crowds than Muhoozi M7?"

I made that statement in form of a question precisely because, no one accustomed to Uganda's political dynamics who doesn't know who M7 is.

However, a lunatic here wants us to believe that Kyagulanyi is making us jump. Mbu Kyagulanyi atubuusa about M7 and who he is!

Once again, let me repeat what my love for life, Akot, has consistently urged us, we must unit together as the opposition and act in unison, because of what M7 does to any opposition figure who attracts mammoth crowds.

We must have a response, as one opposition, to counter such arbitrary decisions of infringing on our rights of freedom of speech and assembly. There is nothing that Kyagulanyi said which isn't true. Political rallies can't be exclusive rights of Gen M7 or Gen Muhoozi M7!
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-1 #9 Lakwena 2023-09-15 11:34
But Maj Katsigazi Tumusiime should not mask himself with the IGP, Okoth Ochola.

In other words, IGP Okoth Ochola, not sick, ill nor dead (RIP). Afande Okoth Ochola is a professional law abiding Police Officer; not a dictator's hatchet-man planted in the Uganda Police and dressed up in Police uniform.

If Afande Okoth Ochol is alive, not dumb and kicking, he would issue and or speak for himself. Nor have been told that he is bedridden due to a terminal disease

But, during the December 1980 General Election Campaign, up to Feb 1981; where was Maj Katsigazi Tumusiime, when our "Problem of Africa ", a rabid and chronically sectarian, Gen Kassim Tibuhaburwa, promoted sectarianism in Ankole and bushes of Luweero; and made illegitimate calls for the removal of an elected UPC administration and issued defamatory statements against the person of the President of the Republic of Uganda,H.E Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (RIP)?

Just asking!
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-2 #10 Lakwena 2023-09-15 11:57
Besides, if it were not of a sectarian formation/based, what was the tribal/ethnic composition of the infamous 27 people who triggered the bloodshed and destruction in Luweero?

The 27 did not only trigger bloodshed in Luweero, but in Greater Northern Uganda, and the Great Lakes Region; where a soul-numbing Genocide took place in Rwanda in 1994, and the bloodshed crossed into DR Congo and goes on to date. Maybe until Jesus returns.

In other words, it is surprising that: the very people whose hands are caked black with the abominable blood of fellow countrymen/women and Children; stand on the roof-top, chest-thumb, swear and bear false witness of inciting violence against innocent and peaceful countrymen, women and children, who are simply rallying behind equally an innocent Hon Kyagulany.

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