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Besigye trashes FDC report on "dirty" Museveni money

Dr Kizza Besigye

Dr Kizza Besigye

Dr Kizza Besigye, the former presidential candidate and one of the founding fathers of the opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), has dismissed the report by the elders’ committee into allegations of "dirty" money brought into the party.

The committee led by Dr Frank Nabwiso was constituted after Besigye revealed to the FDC national council that he had received information indicating that the FDC secretary general Nathan Nandala Mafabi had brought dirty into the party money from the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni.

Besigye allegedly received the information weeks after Nandala had entrusted him with Shs 300 million and had given another Shs 280 million cash batch to the party president, Eng Patrick Oboi Amuriat (POA). According to Besigye, Nandala told him that the money was from his account, which he feared Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) would seize due to pending tax issues with his companies.

Besigye also responded to Nandala's allegations that he returned only Shs 294 million of the Shs 300 million cash that was given to him.

"When that came out, I obviously had to investigate what had happened, and I indeed established that it was true the money was received in 3 or 4 installments. But that was the wish of the lady who was receiving it. It was not because there was no money to receive but she didn't want to take it at ago. That was her request," said Besigye. 

"Secondly, I got to learn that part of that money because it had stayed where we put it for long and that during the election time, money becomes devalued - loses value they decided to translate part of it into dollars. And so, when I said please return the money they also returned the money still in dollars. But the dollars apparently instead of gaining value which was expected in the elections, actually the value had gone down...leading to that difference in the money that was not returned...Clearly, nobody informed me about this, there was absolutely no reason why I would want to keep Shs 600,000 of money belonging to the party with me. If I wanted I could have kept the Shs 300 million because there was nowhere I signed, and nobody knew I had it." he added. 


Following Besigye’s allegations, the FDC leadership constituted a committee in May 2023 to investigate the matter. In July 2023, the committee submitted a report of its investigation to the party president Amuriat. The same was presented before the special national council sitting held at the party headquarters on July 28, 2023.

Commenting about the report today Monday, Besigye said that the committee ignored the key question that he raised with the party concerning the “dirty” money and instead sought to reconcile him with Nandala. Besigye explained that he has no personal grudges against Nandala, which needed reconciliation of the committee. 

Addressing journalists at his offices on Katonga road, Besigye said that the report is not even worth the papers it’s written on. According to Besigye the committee failed to establish facts even about Nandala's claims that he lent the party money.

"The committee of elders did not make the slightest attempt to establish the facts. Zero! In spite of my having pleaded with them to do, they did not check on the party accounts or party records. They did not improve the knowledge that we had before they were informed. In fact, their only written finding is that this was a very sensitive matter. That is their only written finding," said Besigye.

Besigye said the problem with the investigations started with how the committee was appointed. After Besigye had made the revelations regarding the “dirty” money, before the national council sitting in November 2022, a decision was taken to establish a committee to investigate the matter. 

However, the committee was constituted six months later. Besigye says there was information that the delay in the appointment of the committee emanated from the question of who should appoint it. He says there were suggestions that it is appointed by the national committee while others thought, it should be by the party president Amuriat.

In the end, Amuriat appointed a seven-member committee, which was approved by the FDC national executive committee (NEC). Besigye wonders how a person who himself had received part of the “dirty” money could appoint a committee to investigate him. This is why, says Besigye, during the inauguration of the committee, as written in the report, Amuriat informed the committee that their main task was to help bring about reconciliation between the two leaders.   

"Part of the weakness of what I think this committee lies is that it was appointed by the accused and would report to the same accused. In fact, it was inaugurated by the accused and on inauguration assigned the task that they were supposed to do. I did not learn of the task that was given to them by the party president honourable Amuriat Oboi at the inauguration until I appeared before this committee," said Besigye.

Besigye criticized the committee for being impartial, arguing that the conduct of the committee forced one of the members to resign on the grounds that the committee secretary, who is said to have been appointed by Nandala wasn’t recording proceedings of the meetings accurately. Besigye claims that some of his views were not even captured in the said report due to initial bias.

He says that the party is currently under siege and that its members should rescue it, adding that there are plans by dissatisfied members of the party to mobilize others to rescue the party. He says that the People’s Government too shall be fighting to rescue FDC but at a large scale, the country. 

"Even as we organize the liberation of the country, I think the members of the party have a duty to attempt at least to liberate their own party. The reason there are allocating seats and so on is to create a new reality but I think there is still room to attempt to challenge the new reality," added Besigye.

The quarrels over the said money went public last month when the party was in the process of conducting internal elections. Some party members demanded that elections be halted until the internal conflicts are resolved and the party electoral commission better organized to handle the process. However, Amuriat, Nandala, and their allies insisted on the elections, which they say commenced on July 21st, 2023. 

Besigye dismissed the elections, saying that even in places where it was claimed they had happened, media reports indicated that they hadn’t. Besigye wishes that the party's national council meets again, and when it does, it puts in place a transitional leadership to steer the party to a credible election. The transitional government, he says should start with appointing experts to conduct a forensic audit of the party resources and also general management of the party.  

"Money is traceable where it comes from, where it goes. That is why these days because of terrorism the major source of tracing terrorism is money, following the money. So money can be followed by forensic auditors and established and we resolve some of these controversies and get over them. Thirdly, and most importantly for me is that all these wrangles within parties have the effect and maybe intended effect of diverting us from our main focus of liberating the country." he said.


+5 #1 Lysol 2023-08-07 20:29
In the developed countries those who are already rich or wealthy go into politics.

In the banana republics, those who are poor go into politics, to get rich or get wealthy.
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+12 #2 wadada rogers 2023-08-07 22:28
Am starting to believe this guy honestly loves this country with his everything, am sure he feels sad that the people he left in charge of FDC are vultures.

how can an enemy give you money to fight him unless there is a sinister motive.
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+2 #3 Remase 2023-08-07 23:51
Dr. Besigye, the problem is, we, as a country, are hooked on bogus elections intended to divide us along party lines, and meant to believe that there's democracy and rule of law in Uganda.

That is based on the fact that, once we agree to go to the bogus polls, then we can't complain that M7 rigs them because, we always know the outcome beforehand. Why do we go to the bogus polls with clear knowledge of the winner beforehand?

That's what creates the divisions within individual parties and amongst each other, because of the fact that M7 made politics to be a business of making money instead of serving the people.

Now, everyone is in it for the money and M7 is good at using our country's resources to buy cheap popularity to cling on power. Therefore, even if FDC is able to resolve its current allegations of "dirty" money brought into the party, that wont be the end of fighting within parties and amongst each other as long as we keep going to M7's organized bogus polls. Period. ,
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-7 #4 Rwatoro 2023-08-08 04:09
Besigye is a great, great loser.

Bera kukatebe osiirike.....Ebintu byagana!

A Colonel who can't organize a coup and take the hell out of the house is had to believe what he says and what he wants.

Has Besigye seen who the military young boys in Niger and Burkina Faso are? That's what Besigye should have done a long time ago but he didn't have such brains.

Let those who can plan what to do, sit watch, and eat on M7's leftovers. You had a chance to get into Statehouse but you went on to form a fake government with your friends who are now giving you headache. Had you to have persisted on walk-to-walk, M7 would be history by now.
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+2 #5 Jose 2023-08-08 10:09
Now the elders who asked to do something else about dirty money, but come back with a reconciliatory report must be investigated also
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0 #6 Remase 2023-08-08 12:11
Doc KB, it's clear like day and night that we are in a quagmire and no chance of ever coming out as long as we keep going to the bogus polls, of which, are the cause of the fight within FDC currently.

It started with Semuju accusing Mafabi and Amuriat for accepting money from M7 to fund the FDC 2021 campaign! Here is the real deal; "Besigye allegedly received the information weeks after Nandala had entrusted him with Shs 300 million and had given another Shs 280 million cash batch to the party president, Amuriat.

According to Besigye, Mafabi told him that the money was from his account, which he feared Uganda Revenue Authority would seize due to pending tax issues with his companies."

1. If Mafabi gave Besigye 300m and Amuriat got 280m, how much did Mafabi get? 2. Why did Mafabi claim that it was from his account?

The bottom line is, M7 will do anything and everything to make sure that we go to his bogus elections in order to legitimize him as a democratically elected president! Period
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-1 #7 Kent Mawa 2023-08-08 15:00
If had the authority to say something about this, I would suggest that all former FDC top member should meet and agree to restart the party again.

I would ask ANT to disband and rejoin FDC. Gen Muntu , Wnnie Kiiza , Ekyanya.Wafula Ogutu , Alice Alaso and others would return and reorganize the party.

I would call back people like Prof Latigo ( the only prominet acholi that has refused to surrender to M7) , I would not risk losing smart guys like Semuju Nganda. This new FDC main goal would be to recapture Kasese , Teso , parts of the north and Bugishu.

When all this happens , Judas Iscariot would automatically be left with no place to stay but in the garden of blood.
Ebyo bye byange.
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0 #8 Kent Mawa 2023-08-08 18:22
So , Besigye is advised to stop doing the same thing and expect different results by someone who has been saying the same things , repeating the same phrases from day to day , from one topic to another for the last 4 years ?

What are the chances ?
On another note , it is worth the space to repeat a story that everybody has already widely covered.
For goodness sake , now Doc. Besigye knows how this whole thing started and by who .( !)
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-3 #9 kasede 2023-08-08 23:41
Quoting wadada rogers:
Am starting to believe this guy honestly loves this country with his everything, am sure he feels sad that the people he left in charge of FDC are vultures.

how can an enemy give you money to fight him unless there is a sinister motive.

I do not agree that he loves the country at all: Why? Answer: One of the reasons that Mr Basi... gave for the way the money was handled was TO DODGE TAXES.

We pay taxes on our little incomes, don't we. Just look at what they did in that context. I repeat: DISHONESTY.
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0 #10 Kent Mawa 2023-08-09 17:16
INFORMATION : Dr Besigye has not ( yet) said he believed that the reason why Nandala gave him the money was to "DODGE TAXES". Either too early to accuse him of dishonesty or right moment to spin & twist the knife in the devil`s name.

If we do not engage in speculations ,, though , then the record we have so far is WHAT Nandala TOLD Dr.Besigye i.e that it was about skipping taxes.

Dr. Besigye goes on to say that he wondered why the money would not be placed on the party`s account/s. " ..but FDC has no tax problems..." is what Dr. Besigye claims to have told Nandala.

The fact that Dr.Besigye later went on to record the serial numbers of the currency points to a reasonable likelyhood that he (Besigye) suspected that this money was neither clean nor that the real reason was to dodge taxes.
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