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45-year-old woman raped, killed in Kiwatule

The body of a 45-year-old woman Grace Nabulya who went missing this week has been found.

According to Harriet Kunihira, Nabulya went missing from her residence at Kisosonkole zone, Upper Estate parish, on Wednesday evening.

“Nabulya went missing at around 8 pm when she was going to a food stall which is not far from her Kisosonkole home. She did not return home. We were later informed that she had been found dead in a garden in Kiwatule,” Kunuhira told police.

Residents have since told police that Nabulya had a lover in Kiwatule along East African road. It is believed she met her killers when going to visit a friend.

“This morning her body was discovered lying near East African road in a nearby garden of cassava, maize, and beans. She was seen by a person who had moved outside this morning at 6:30 am to pour rubbish,” a detective said. 

Police found Nabulya’s private parts exposed while the nickers were about three meters away from the body. At the scene, there were visible marks of resistance an indication that she fought with her killers before they overpowered her.

“The body was lying on the back with bruises on both knees, the left side of her face, and a deep stabbed wound on her forehead. There was a clear sign of struggle as the assailants stepped severally on the crops where the body was lying,” a detective said.

Patrick Onyango, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, said a sniffer dog was brought to the scene but couldn’t lead police far since the crime area had already been tampered with. 

“It is true there were signs that she was sexually abused before she was killed. Our canine dog tried to make some traces but it did not go far since the scene had already been tampered with by locals and by-passers since it was near the road,” Onyango said.

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