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Govt tables Shs 2.3 trillion loan request for Kampala roads

Kampala's roads are dotted with such potholes

Kampala's roads are dotted with such potholes

Government has tabled before parliament a loan request worth Shs 2.26 trillion (about $608.66 million) to upgrade roads in Greater Kampala.

David Bahati, the minister of state for Trade tabled the loan request during a plenary sitting on Wednesday. The loan is being sought from the World Bank and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) to finance the Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area Urban Development Programme.

Once accessed, the finances will aid the improvement of road infrastructure within Kampala, Wakiso, Mukono and Mpigi, including the municipalities of Entebbe, Kira, Makindye-Ssabagabo, Nansana and Mukono.

Through the program, government seeks to address challenges of flooding, traffic congestion, un-signalized junctions and poor road infrastructure among others.

The program also seeks to upgrade strategic interconnecting roads measuring 611km, junctions, drainage channels, markets and workspaces in order to improve the Greater Kampala Metropolitan area productivity and livability for sustainable social economic development.

The transit corridors to be undertaken are Kampala-Jinja expressway and Kampala-Southern bypass, Kampala-Bombo expressway, Nakasero-Kampala Northern bypass, Kampala outer-belt ring road and Kampala fly-over phase II.

Bahati says that the planned upgrading of the roads will be part of the domestic revenue mobilization strategy aimed at marketing and promoting the use of rental properties that are outside the central business district.

“The programme will also contribute to addressing environmental degradation and flooding in this region through construction of climate and disaster resilient infrastructure, planting of trees and construction of drainage channels, and greening of some of the areas along the road reserves,” said the minister.

Deputy speaker of parliament Thomas Tayebwa referred the loan proposal to the committees of national economy and presidential affairs for scrutiny.


0 #1 Lakwena 2023-05-25 08:28
Except being anti people and motivated by dishonesty sic criminal mind; for Heaven and Hell's sake, why should a government incessantly borrow and spend more than the taxes it collects?

In other words, after 38 years in power and instead of the hyped up "Fundamental Change", who in his/her right state of mind can still deny that: what Ugandans are witnessing in recent time, is an indictment of Gen Tibuhaburwa and his NRM's "Fundamental and Catastrophic Failure"?

Otherwise, what are the indicators of failure:

1. Surplus Debt burden

2. Failed Education Sector

3. Incompetence and corruption

3. Failed health System (death traps)

3. Widespread unemployment; poverty; urban chaos and filth; hopelessness; mental health breakdown into domestic violence and incremental suicide, etc.
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+1 #2 Willy not Silly 2023-05-25 16:39
Amidst all this government borrowing, somebody was not ashamed of deceiving the world that "Uganda had reached middle-income status".
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0 #3 kabayekka 2023-05-25 21:20
Unfortunately this is a government that believes that by convincing the NRM majority parliament it can get away with borrowing as much money as it wants.

And afterwards enact a law for every member of the public to pay shs 1.7 million towards debt payment. Well where are the business borrowers that have also been convinced to lend out so much money so that they can start to collect what is due to them from the public?
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0 #4 kabayekka 2023-05-26 23:20
Sorry but where are the lenders and not the borrowers for heavens' sake?
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0 #5 kabayekka 2023-05-29 00:33
Parliament unfortunately is sending a very clear message to the public that at the end of their terms of work economic mismanagement will be revised, questioned, interrogated and then taken over to the courts of law.

Confiscation of their personal individual assets must be a certain future spectacle.
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