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Kassanda police officer kills self after shooting at his boss

A 47-year-old police constable Alex Kitiyo has shot himself dead in Kassanda after attempting to kill his boss.

The incident occurred on Wednesday at Makokoto police post when Kitiyo first shot into the house of the officer in charge, John Kakooza.

Racheal Kawala, the Wamala Regional police spokesperson, said preliminary investigations indicate that Kitiyo committed suicide perhaps thinking he had killed his superior Kakooza.

“At approximately 5:00 am, PC Kitiyo allegedly woke up and fired several shots into the room of his superior officer, inspector of police John Kakooza, without uttering any words. Following the incident, PC Kitiyo returned to his own room, sat on his bed, and subsequently took his own life,” Kawala said.

The incident comes about three weeks after a Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) soldier, Pte Wilson Sabiiti, shot and killed the state minister for Labour, Col (rtd) Charles Okello Engola.

Kitiyo’s motive is not yet known, but Sabiiti moved out of the minister’s residence shouting that he was tired of working without pay. Sabiiti shot himself dead minutes after killing Engola.

Detectives have since established that Sabiiti who was earning Shs 485,000 per month and had two running loans.

Meanwhile, Old Kampala police are investigating an incident of an aggravated robbery that occurred at 4 am on Wednesday at Bulange A Cell, Nsibambi Road, Rabaga Division.

Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy police spokesperson for Kampala Metropolitan identified the victims as Bashir Tahalil, 38, a Somali national and businessman from Equatorial mall, and his wife, Shukri Jama.

Police have learned that unknown assailants gained access to the victim's residence by climbing over the perimeter wall. This was after they cut the electric wires. Tahalil explained that the robbers broke into the house using the back door.

“They entered through the kitchen using the back door. A confrontation ensued between the assailant and Bashir Tahalil, during which the robbers seized Bashir's Samsung Galaxy phone before fleeing the scene,” Owoyesigyire said.

Tahalil said when the robbers had taken his phone, there was some silence and this prompted them to open the door.

“We thought the robbers had left and we opened the door. We realized they were still present and they ended up firing at us. My wife was injured by two bullets that penetrated her right thigh,” Tahalil told police.

Shukri was taken to Medipal hospital for treatment. Police assessment of the cartridges has shown that the robbers used a pistol. Flying Squad has since been tasked to hunt for the suspects as forensic experts examine the shells.


+2 #1 Lakwena 2023-05-25 07:55
Whosoever lives by the Gun (Sword), will perish by the gun.

At this rate, Ugandans should cross their fingers and hearts because; one of these days we shall hear that: because he has woken up to the fact that in 38 years, he caused the untimely deaths, widespread poverty and suffering of millions of Ugandans, Gen Tibuhaburwa has shot himself through the head.

In other words, the curse of the gun which he claim to demystify is on the loose to haunt whoever lives by it..

Otherwise, why should the souls of Ugandans, like Yasin Kawuma, Isaac Ssenyange aka Boxer Zebra, Susan Kagezi, Afande Kaweesi, Abiriga, etc. who were murdered in cold blood be resting in peace (RIP)?
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+1 #2 Webz 2023-05-25 09:51
Every one being guarded by someone holding a gun should be cautious. First of all, this armed guard is not your son. He is guarding you under very poor working conditions.

Even you yourself is ignoring his plight while you live in luxury. Even if it's not your task to pay him, please, give him a tip to appreciate his service. Talk to him to learn what is perturbing him. Help him anyway because he is a family head. Ignore him at your own peril.
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