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Boy, 8, 'raptured' after being sodomised in Kapchorwa, admitted in hospital

An 8-year-old boy whose rectal area was raptured has been admitted to Kapchorwa Main hospital for treatment.

The minor was allegedly sodomised by an unknown suspect yesterday Sunday in Kapchorwa, eastern Uganda. The victim was grievously sodomized in Barawa cell, central division in Kapchorwa Municipality.

Fredmark Chesang, the Sipi regional spokesperson says that the suspect allegedly ambushed the child while he was heading home from the shop, before dragging him to a dark spot where the suspect committed the gruesome act.

Felix Mashandich, Barawa LC I chairperson, says, the community has been exposed to fears of the evil that the government condemned recently. He says they have joined the security team in the investigations so as to hunt for the suspect.

"Honestly, this has never happened in our area and we're living in fear and shock over the incident that happened. When the culprit is got, we even do not know what will happen to him and we ask the parents not to let their children out in the evenings. Don't send them late at night or without an adult moving with them because you never know what will happen to our children," said  Mashandich. 

Mashandich has asked police to speed up with investigation so as to deliver justice to the young boy.


+2 #1 apollo 2023-03-28 11:49
This aggressive, violent, insidious, deadly vice is what the spirit and letter of the Anti-homosexuality law must deal with.

If America is happy that our children are violently being attacked by these deviant criminals, we shall be happy to severe relations.
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0 #2 Kyokufente 2023-03-30 00:21
Can any fagot defend this action? Can the Western hypocrites defend this action, the human rights of the fagot that did this? How about the LGBT+ defenders, any defense for this?

Now that the US vice president is in Africa defending rights of fagots, let her defend this beyond the usual rhetoric of "this is unfortunate incidence".

The west pretends to help only when it suits them. We have given them too much leeway to toy us around. I hope Tibuhabirwa can do Ugandans the honorsof signing the just passed bill into law at the very least. He has nearly drained the trust accounts of Ugandans except for his bootlickers.
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