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Iron bar hitmen kill female lawyer in Kiwatule

A city lawyer Suzan Alweny, working with Liberty General Insurance is the latest victim of Namugongo street attacks. Alweny was struck on the head with a blunt object on Friday at around 9 pm as she stopped to buy roasted meat along the Kiwatule-Naalya road.

Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, says that police rushed to pick up the victim after receiving information about an unidentified female adult who was lying unconscious by the roadside. She was rushed to Mulago hospital in critical condition where she was pronounced dead over the weekend. The deceased was identified after her husband Simon Peter Oketcho reported a case of his missing wife to the Kira police station. 

“He told our officers that the deceased called him at 8:45 pm to know whether he had reached home. She informed him how she had branched to buy roasted goat’s meat opposite Cynabel supermarket,” Owoyesigyire said. 

In his statement to the police, Oketcho said that he waited for his wife in vain as all her phones couldn't go through.

“We have started investigating this matter as a case of aggravated robbery where unspecified amounts of money and phones were all taken from the deceased,” Owoyesigyire said. He says that police have since apprehended one suspect but declined to divulge his details.

Alweny’s death follows the murder of George Ekochu, an auditor and cousin to National Resistance Movement (NRM) vice chairperson in charge of Eastern Region Mike Mukula, who was waylaid by the iron bar hit-men in Namugongo-Buloli zone on September 12.

The thugs attacked the deceased while on his way to pick up some items for his wife from the nearby shops. The deceased's wife Jocelyn Ekochu told police that she got concerned after he took a long time to return home. Ekochu told police that when she moved out of the home to search for her husband, she found his hat lying by the roadside. 

This is when she realized that there was a problem and alerted the police that immediately responded. Police found the deceased's lifeless body in a nearby banana plantation. Michel Ssendawula, the chairman of Nsawo zone in Namugongo has called for heightened security in the area in order to save residents from the increase in criminality.  

He says they want to meet President Yoweri Museveni as leaders in Kira Municipality, especially on issues concerning security. Ssendawula says they have registered several complaints of motorists and pedestrians being attacked, killed, or injured by criminal gangs. Owoyesigyire says that the police have since intensified motorized patrols in the area due to a spike in criminality.


+2 #1 Lakwena 2022-10-04 08:30
May Suzan Alweny's soul be at peace.

But the Michel Ssendawula of this country should give us a break from their plea and desire to meet Gen Tibuhaburwa about rampant violent crimes in this country.

E.g., where was Ssendawula when on 26th Jan 2017, Gen Tibuhaburwa finally told off Ugandans that he is not our servant nor employee?

Where was Ssendawula, when Gen Tibuhaburwa told off Ugandans that he has no friends?

Where was Ssendawula, when Gen Tibuhaburwa told off Ugandans that he is the Author and Master of Violence?
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+2 #2 Lakwena 2022-10-04 08:34
Where was Ssendawula when Tibuhaburwa told Ugandans that he knows the SFC commandos who murdered Boxer Zebra in cold blood in December 2020?

If Gen Tibuhaburwa is a self-confessed Author and Master of Violence, therefore a practicing violent criminal; how can Ssendawula run to him for help?

In other words the Ssendawula of this country must be reminded that: Authors and Masters of Violence (criminals), take pleasure (are thrilled) in the subversion and violation of the Rule of Law (social contract or public good-interest).

They even take greater pleasure if and when the Ssendawula of this country run to them for help.
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0 #3 WADADA rogers 2022-10-04 16:46
This developing story is going to have a twist, yes it may be true that iron bar hitmen were involved but on whose orders, before long we shall hear somebody pointing an accusing finger at the husband
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0 #4 masembe 2022-10-05 11:17
MHSRIP... Something isn't right with this country. The capital is a hub of all these crimes which wasn't the case before.

It was as if it's normalized in Wakiso, Mukono, and other places, not forgetting the tens of unreported cases upcountry. This is the peace and stability M7 and crew brought!!!
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