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Kampala Arch Diocese appreciates The Observer for good journalism

Father Joseph Mukiibi

Father Joseph Mukiibi

Father Joseph Mukiibi, the director of communications, and public relations of Kampala Arch Diocese has appreciated The Observer for adhering to the good standards of journalism. Mukiibi said The Observer’s emphasis to stick to the truth contributes to the promotion of transparency within society. 

“I am an ardent reader of the good journalism done by The Observer. I exalt The Observer family to continue holding the professional ethics of good journalism. We need to maintain these standards because, through good journalism, the world can become a better place”.

He made these remarks while speaking to the management of The Observer at their offices in Kamwokya, Kampala. Mukiibi noted that although social media had several advantages, disinformation had become a major challenge for the church as they continue to evangelize to their congregation. 

“Globalization has caused a lot of disinformation in form of fake news. Social media sometimes misleads some people. Many of our Christians are misled through these platforms. When they are misled they are afraid of researching beyond what they have received. I believe our relationship with the media like The Observer shall help the church deliver the right news to the Christians”.

Mukiibi used the opportunity to pledge the support of the church whenever called upon. Pius Katunzi, the managing director of The Observer appreciated Mukiibi for visiting them.

“We people in the media have been painted with the same brush, We are re-energized when we learn that people still have faith in people like The Observer who practice real journalism. If you give us the information, we shall put it as it is. We are people of the record”. 

“We appreciate the door leading to a good working relationship that you have opened with us. I am confident that the relationship shall not be one of gagging but a proactive one. When we stumble, I request that the relationship is not fractured. The best way for us to mitigate a misunderstanding is asking you the aggrieved to give us your position which we shall still publish.” 

Katunzi used the opportunity to appreciate Catholic church-founded institutions most especially schools that have maintained their subscription with the paper since its inception. The meeting was also attended by Carol Nakazibwe, the human resources director and Robert Spin Mukasa, the editor of The Observer.  



+1 #1 Akot 2022-08-10 19:27
So, why are churches alright with Ugandans tribally divided ruled & does God accept this inhumanity?

Why are Ugandans obstinating in keeping Museveni in power by all means & what will they do when the migrant will be no more, go along with his son in the waiting to replace the dad?

How can tribalists, tribally divided ruled by a migrant, xpect God to help them?
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