Govt asks hospitals to reserve 10 beds for Covid-19 patients as cases reemerge

Namboole stadium isolation centre that was previously used for Covid patients

Namboole stadium isolation centre that was previously used for Covid patients

The government through the ministry of Health has directed hospitals across the country to reserve at least ten beds for people who present with Covid-19 signs and symptoms.

The decision was reached following the reemergence of new Covid cases - averaging 120 per day, creating fear that the country could see a new surge in infections after a dip that started in January. Following the confirmation of 66 new cases from tests done on June 23, Uganda now has cumulative 167,367 confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Dr Ronny Bahatungire, a member of the National Covid-19 case management committee says health workers have been advised to screen everyone that comes with symptoms of respiratory infections including laboured breathing, convulsions, and mental disorientation. However, he says that this time around, they are not seeing patients present with running noses. Instead, he says, many are presenting with cough.

"We need to screen each and every person who's presenting with signs of fever that is suspicious of Covid-19 and presenting with respiratory symptoms. And with this, you wish to look at each and every person that presents with a cough and is suspect at this particular point in time. Running nose for this particular case is not one of those signs that have been common of Covid-19, but I wouldn't wish to rule it out," said Bahatungire.

However, even as the cases are rising with a daily average of 100 cases, Dr Bodo Bongomin, an official from the World Health Organization (WHO) Uganda office says the current rise has not yet qualified to be referred to as a surge or even an indicator of going into another wave of infection.

He explains that the country’s positivity rate has been fluctuating and is still below five per cent which is what is partly used to determine whether there is a resurgence.

The latest projections by the National Planning Authority (NPA) predict a decline in cases in the new week where the report shows 557 new cases projected for the week ending July 2, from 590 cases that the same model projected for the week that ended yesterday.

While over the past month, districts in the West Nile region have been recording the highest number of new cases detected, Mbarara, Kampala and Wakiso are currently topping with the Omicron being the dominant variant spreading.


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