Landlord sues Bukomansimbi RDC, LC V chairperson over inciting his tenants

David Ssenfuka

David Ssenfuka

Bukomansimbi deputy resident district commissioner (RDC), Fred Kalema and LC V chairperson, Fred Nyenje Kayiira have been sued for allegedly inciting violence amongst tenants against their landlord.

The duo is being accused by David Ssenfuka of illegally interfering in the administration of his estate and inciting his tenants against him. Ssefunka has filed a civil suit against the duo in the Masaka High court.

In his suit, Ssefunka accuses the two of conducting a community meeting on his land in Budda village in Kibinge sub-county, where they incited tenants against paying nominal rental fees as well as blocking him from accessing and developing his land. 

Through his lawyer; Kato Katusti, Ssenfuka alleges that the duo's conduct has since deprived him of his rights as the lawful owner of the estate that measures close to 2 square miles. He indicates that following the meeting held by the RDC and LC V chairperson early this year, the tenants have turned rowdy and blocked him from accessing and carrying out any developments on the land.

He blames the officers for overstepping their mandate when they granted the tenants absolute rights of occupancy without according him a fair hearing, arguing that their biased pronouncements have since worsened his relationship with the occupants whom he says are threatening his life.  

Ssenfuka wants the High court to issue an injunction restraining the duo from further meddling in the affairs of his estates, compel them to withdraw their orders, and compensate him for the losses suffered. Kayiira, the Bukomansimbi LC V chairperson denies any wrongdoing, saying that he only picked interest in the dispute after a section of residents ran to him accusing Ssenfuka of threatening them with eviction. 

He explains that they have instructed the district attorney to study the complaints and file an appropriate defense, which also serves the interests of the tenants who he swore to protect.

On his part, Fred Kalema the Bukomansimbi deputy RDC, says that he was only executing his responsibility of protecting the tenants from eviction and other violations by landlords. He has denied allegations of stopping tenants from paying ground rent to the landlord, saying that his statements were instead misrepresented leading to unnecessary clashes. 

Masaka High court deputy registrar, Julius Bolero has set July 27 as the date for hearing the matter.

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