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Nyanzi vs Nsereko: Court orders fresh hearing of Kampala Central election petition

Muhammad Nsereko

Muhammad Nsereko

The Court of Appeal has ordered a fresh hearing of a petition in which Fred Nyanzi is contesting the election of Muhammad Nsereko as the MP for Kampala Central.

The panel of three justices comprising; Geoffrey Kiryabwire, Stephen Musota, and Christopher Gashirabake delivered the ruling today Friday after setting aside a High court decision, which dismissed Nyanzi’s petition.

Nyanzi's petition was dismissed by justice Margaret Apiny on grounds that Nyanzi failed to serve Nsereko. Nyanzi sued the Electoral Commission, the Kampala returning officer, and Nsereko in March 2021 citing electoral irregularities including voter bribery.  While Nyanzi served the first two respondents, he failed to serve Nsereko who he accused of dodging service.

In their judgment, the Court of Appeal justices ordered that Nyanzi’s petition goes back to the High court and be heard afresh before another judge. According to the justices, they believe that Nyanzi followed the legal and reasonable steps to serve Nsereko.

Nsereko was declared the winner with 16,998 votes while Nyanzi from the opposition National Unity Platform came second with 15,975 votes. Nyanzi challenged Nsereko’s victory citing alleged failure by the EC to ensure that the tallying is done per Electoral laws, the failure by the presiding officers to submit results from seven polling stations, and inconsistencies in the number of votes presented on the declaration of result forms, among others.


+3 #1 WADADA rogers 2022-06-25 00:23
I hope this decision can zip Nsereko mouth for once
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-8 #2 Ssekabaka 2022-06-25 06:55
Nyanzi’s only qualification is being Bobi Wine’s elder brother, which ironically, I thought NUP was fighting against - Nepotism.

He can’t construct a simple sentence, cannot debate serious policy issues, etc. Only riding on his brother’s popularity just like the other parasites. Deep down he knows it’s all about money, the juicy 40M monthly pay, 200M car, 7M iPad and 30M funeral allowance in case he dies, which I hope happens as soon as he gets into Parliament - that’s if he makes it.
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+8 #3 Wooden K 2022-06-25 12:27
Information for Ssekabaka . Mr Nnyanzi joined politcs before Bobi Wine , Nnyanzi was an elected DP branch chairman long when Kyagulanyi was a still a student.

About money , Nyanzi is already a wealthy man . He is a well.known property owner in Bukoto and other places . He is actually one of the main private financiers of People Power .

You may be right to say he is not as rhetorically skilled as Hon.Nsereko. But when the question is about practical performance , Nyanzi is a good as anybody He is a skilled mobilizer.
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-1 #4 Ssekabaka 2022-06-26 12:39
Wooden - there is no sane Ugandan you can convince that MPs - NRM or Opposition, are in Parliament to serve.

They are all in for the financial and political gains that come with it. As for Nyanzi's being wealthy, kudos for him, but never trust the so called "wealthy" Ugandans. On the surface, they are, below it, they are either running away or dying under the weight of debts and business gone bad, eg Bitature, Wava, Zzimwe (rip), Katatumba (rip), etc.

So wouldn't be surprised if Nyanzi wants to use that MP opportunity to pay off his debts as well, just like many of the MPs are doing. It's free money. All you need to get a loan to campaign in the hope you will get it back. Countless ex- MPs are now wallowing away with properties taken as they couldnt pay back. Imagine what 500M UGX a year can do. That's the incentive. As for his poor rhetorical skills, surely, if they are poor as you admit, what then is his value???
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-1 #5 Akot 2022-06-26 18:30
Ssekabaka, understood.

So, why will Ugandans go for next fake parliamentary election so that this situation goes on, while electorate are not served?

For how many more years will Ugandans complain, fight one another, while Museveni rules in peace & unconcerned about what Ugandans do to themselves?
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0 #6 Wooden K 2022-06-27 11:45
Ssekabaka---- I noticed that you did not know the person you were accusing.

So , I wanted to help you so that if you are going to accuse Nnyanzi , you better know the man.

Whether or not sane Uganda do not believe that one goes to parliament to serve , that one has been discussed to pieces. My opinion of that is well known.
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0 #7 Wooden K 2022-06-27 11:55
You may also want to know that as you were here passing your judgement , Chairman Nnyanzi was in Nakawa , Makindye etc , meeting with and adressing local NUP ( and DP) leaders.

PS: because of his motivation skills , Chairman was accused by the regime of having provided all the tyres that were burnt during riots.

A warehouse in Bukoto was torched because regime spies suspected it to belong to him.

Now , don`t get me wrong , I am not saying that he is won the election or that he is better than Hon.Nsereko. I only stating the facts.
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0 #8 Wooden K 2022-06-27 12:10
Regarding the "wealthy" that are drowning in debt , that is a topic on its own. Bring it up if you wish.

But I prefer hearing your suggestion . Where and how are YOU Ssekabaka , going to find anybody who is not " in it for money" ?

It seems to me that everyone that steps out to fight for change is "already guilty" of something .

Even Besigye who is now in Luzira is being accused of having been paid to divert attention from Bobi Wine and NUP.

Ironically , this is song you will hear from moles and the dictator`s propaganda agents.
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