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Former Uganda Airlines boss Muleya arrested

Cornwell Muleya

Cornwell Muleya

The embattled former Uganda Airlines chief executive officer Cornwell Muleya has been arrested by the Inspectorate of Government. The deputy inspector general of government (IGG), Dr Patricia Achan Okiria says that Muleya was picked up for failing to heed their summons.

"Muleya has been arrested and charged with the offense of failure to attend before the Inspectorate of Government when so ordered," reads the statement by Okiria. Muleya is accused of disobeying orders of the IG contrary to Section 35 of the Inspectorate of Government Act, 2002. 

He “willfully and without reasonable justification or excuse refused to comply with the orders of the Inspectorate dated the 23rd day of May 2022 requiring his attendance to give evidence and produce documents to the Inspectorate of Government, regarding mismanagement of public funds, procurement, and recruitment of staff at the Uganda Airlines under reference HQT/CO/561/2021.”

Okiria explains that they summoned Muleya to give information and facilitate the investigations into various acts of mismanagement of public funds by public officers at the Uganda National Airlines Company (UNAC) between May and June this year.  The company trading as Uganda Airlines is owned by the government.

Muleya recorded a statement at the headquarters of the inspectorate and is currently detained at Kampala Central police station. This comes weeks after the Wakiso Labour office referred the Shs 3.5 billion dispute between Uganda Airlines and Muleya for unlawful termination to the Industrial court citing a substantial question of law that arose from its proceedings.

Muleya lodged his complaint reference number LD.07.04.22 under Employment Act 2006 at the Wakiso Labour office on April 4, 2022, demanding Shs 3,545,186,318 in salary arrears and terminal benefits. This includes salary arrears of Shs 126 million for the month of February 2022, Shs 1 billion as payment for general damages for reputation damages, and Shs 1.2 billion as payment for damages for loss of expectation interest in employment among other claims. It came after the government terminated his contract as the CEO of Uganda Airlines in mid-February this year. Muleya's woes started on April 21st, 2021 after Works minister, Edward Katumba Wamala sent him and 12 other top officials on forced leave. 

The minister eventually suspended the officials on the orders of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to pave way for investigations into allegations of financial mismanagement, collusion, and nepotism in staff recruitment among other issues. Muleya served as CEO from 2019 to May last year.


+3 #1 Akot 2022-06-21 20:39
For how much long will Ugandans torture one another for Museveni to ensure his lifetime rule?

The only criminal who should be arrested, tried, judged, imprisoned is migrant Museven who abuses the people who gave him shelter!

Ugandans, why torture one another while Museveni controls every institution, owns your tax money!

Why is migrant Museveni still chief tribal leader of Ugandans, legalised to be fake president with fake election, bolstered with fake parliamentary & local elections?

Goodness gracious; why ensure Museveni's lifetime rule & his sons post?

Museveni's son should know his dad will live +90 years, so how old will he be by the time he takes the family top post?
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0 #2 kabayekka 2022-06-22 01:53
Indeed these African elite seem to live in heaven on earth.

One wants to know exactly what sort of work has this worker been doing to deserve about 20 billion shillings from Uganda Airlines that has of recent just started to function.

It is high time these very important African workers and politicians start to give some respect to the tax payers of this country who work hard to be able to pay their taxes in this country!
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+2 #3 Ibra 2022-06-22 12:38
The Zambian executive who complained of unfair dismissal from the post as Ugandan Airline CEO, has now been arrested by the state on trumped charges of fraud.

The heavily subsidised Airline is now with packed M7 cadres. This can only happen in a Banana Republic where we are all servants of a despotic regime.

We see a regime that has lost its way and holding its citizens as hostages. Hopefully the Zambian from a free country will live to tell his tale.
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+1 #4 Zaitun 2022-06-22 19:19
Uganda is, under these bushmen, a real shit-hole indeed. These are people who do not want to see good work done, for that would mean depriving them of stealing money from public coffers.

Since when did this man become the Company Chief Account to give information concerning investigations into various acts of mismanagement of public funds by public officers of Uganda National Airlines Company (UNAC) between May and June this year?

Simply tell us that the fact that Muleya has lodged a complaint reference number LD.07.04.22 under Employment Act 2006 at the Wakiso Labour office on April 4, 2022, has started making you uneasy, and therefore you would like to silence him.

What a terrible brood of thieves you guys are, our so-called top administrative personnel of Uganda, a country that is now surviving on external financial dialysis!
From the President down o Office messengers, you are nothing but thieves!
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