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Bomb blast kills one in Kawempe

One person has been confirmed dead and scores injured following an explosion in Komamboga, a suburb of Kampala.

Noah Mukasa Sserumaga, one of the area leaders said that the explosion was heard a few minutes to 9:00 pm Saturday at Digida eating point. Moments later, the area was engulfed in smoke and sounds of people crying for help.

“...we do not know whether it was indeed a bomb, but one girl, an employee of the same place is dead. Seven others have been rushed to hospital,” Mukasa said. The deceased has been identified as Emily. 

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said the bomb squad responded to calls from the scene and the casualties have been rushed to Mulago hospital for treatment.   

“The blast happened at Digida eating point, Komamboga, in Kawempe Division. One person has been fatally wounded and seven others rushed to Mulago National Referral hospital with serious injuries,” Enanga said in a brief statement.   

He added that the scene had been cordoned off, and joint task teams have been called to thoroughly document the scene, to determine whether the explosion arose out of an intentional act or not. 

“We ask the public to remain calm, as we establish the true circumstances surrounding the incident," Enanga added.

However, sources in the counter-terrorism and crime intelligence say that the blast could not have been a bomb blast since there were no flammable materials like gas cylinders.

According to the sources, the blast left behind a huge hole at the centre of where people were seated. “Some fragments have hit people and cars as far as 100 meters,” the source said.

The blast comes after the October 14 United Kingdom warning of a possible terrorist attack in Uganda which police dismissed off. 


+2 #1 Uncle Philosopher 2021-10-24 17:13
May be the EU envoys should picked in a drone or be invited to the police to record statements since they knew what would happen. It seems they were behind this.
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+1 #2 Jose 2021-10-24 18:23
When he is referring to bad people in the country does he know he is talking about People In Govt(PIGS)
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+2 #3 Akot 2021-10-24 19:02
What is going on in Museveni's Uganda, a shithole he's in complete control of, doesn't have opposition, the tribally divided ruled are at peace just waiting to legalise him at next fake presidential/parliamentary elections toensure his 45 years in power?

What will Ugandans do when Museveni dies of old age, leaving them tribally divided with no common goal, without National Leadership & Ugandans look up to/are waiting for the demon to finally serve them?
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+1 #4 Wainanchi 2021-10-25 00:32
Uganda wake up.and track any.suspect who may cause terror against good people of Uganda.

We have similar model in the past.Killing innocent peoplevwith pangas.They were caught I am sure these pigs will be caught quickly again.How? We have witnesses and CCTV which can trail these devils

Stand up and wake up Uganda.! Do not allow devils and animals to hurt or kill anyone's.

Any killer caught should be hanged immediately
Judges have no mercy.
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-1 #5 Kirya 2021-10-25 02:36
These are tactics of a failing regime! The bomb was sent by the regime as it has become irrelevant I Uganda.
To hell with m7!!
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+1 #6 Wainanchi 2021-10-25 12:07
@ Uncle Philosopher--. I completely agree with you uncle

They are the ones trying to destabilize Uganda by supporting violent opposition, terror in Uganda ,witholding money for developments and hoping that booming population will crash the Goverment.
They are wrong.Uganda will march without them

There are ample opportunities and resources in Uganda to sustain its development by self relying on its resources and educated pools if Ugandans to manage their economiey.
Africa. is different from former Africa fifty or so years agom
Go and booze dear enemies and enjoy your water sports and kayaking , Gagaga
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0 #7 Jama 2021-10-26 15:18
Jose, its people in gorvnnent security (pigs)
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