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Lynched Karimojong elder leaves behind 54 widows, 187 children

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has directed legislators from Karamoja to join the security team in searching for the people involved in lynching a famous community leader.

It comes after unknown people lynched Mariko Abura Apanaluk, a renowned Karimojong elder and kraal leader, together with his son, Lokut Angolere at Nabwal sub county in Napak district.

The same mob killed a Local Defense Unit (LDU) personnel attached to Duol army detach only identified as Alengia. The trio was trucking 20 stolen cattle belonging to Apanaluk and was mistaken for cattle thieves and killed by an angry mob. Apanaluk is survived by 54 widows, 187 children, 116 grandchildren and more than 2,000 heads of cattle.

The incident has created a rift between the Bokora (people of Napak district) and the Pian (people of Nabilatuk and Nakapiripirit) as the former want to revenge the killing of their elder and son.

The police and army had to deploy heavily to quell tensions. Karimojong MPs have been meeting sections of residents and local leaders alongside security agencies to pacify the warring communities.

In one of the meetings held at Napak district headquarters recently, the Pian MP, Remigio Achia revealed to his colleagues that President Museveni was not happy with the insecurity in Karamoja.

Achia who is the interim chairperson of Karamoja Parliamentary Group (KPG), said the president had asked the MPs to help security agencies bring to book the killers of Apanaluk and others.

The president’s directive follows allegations that some leaders are inciting locals against each other after the killings. Moses Kigai Wamoto, the Napak RDC observed that it was regrettable to find some leaders taking sides instead of fighting for justice for the victims.

The 3rd Division commander Brig Joseph Balikudembe said they have arrested several people including one woman who participated in Apanaluk’s killing.

According to the LC 5 of Napak, John Paul Kodet, his district has lost 1,229 heads of cattle and more than 100 goats from February to May, but only 75 cows have been recovered. In the process, armed warriors killed six people including a woman.

His Katakwi counterpart, Geoffrey Omolo also reported that they have lost more than 500 cattle to the Karimojong since January this year from the sub-counties of Magoro, Palam, Ngariam, Okulonyo, Guyaguya and parts of Ongongoja.


+3 #1 Wainanchi 2021-06-07 17:24
These are unfortunate mistakes and misunderstandings.

The late clan leader family should be generously rewarded and appreciated.

People must support the security whose job is to catch killers and thieves and protect ordinary citizens.

President Museveni with his huge Uganda experience will undoybly solve this and other problems as he has been doing it all along from 1986 and before.

Everybody who lost something has been and will be compensated

We live in a very populous country and face everyday new and new challenges since we are all just living souls with usual problems fighting to earn bread and butter for our everyday life That is why we always pray to our Father... please give us our daily bread and forgive our trespasses as we forgive others.
Hail Museveni!!!!!
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0 #2 Nseka Mali 2021-06-07 18:05
That's what indicates how much Ugandans, including the the hitherto misunderstood Karimojong people, hate thieves and theft...!!!

It is illegal to take the law in their hands but sometimes communities vent their anger on criminals resulting sadly in fatalities...
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-1 #3 kabayekka 2021-06-07 19:33
Unfortunately this law and order of the Karamojong and their cattle, is what one would call the law of the jungle.

Or to be more understanding of the African culture it is the law of the bush and banditry! If you have lots of cattle well you are rich and very intelligent.

You should rule everybody under your own constitution. Have lots of women and children and bazzukulu. And try to live for ever after!
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0 #4 WADADA rogers 2021-06-07 20:53
It is not possible, i repeat, its not possible to have 54 wives and satisfy all their sexual needs, i strongly believe that some of the 187 children are not his own, other people must have helped him to impregnate some of his wives.

i87 is such a huge number, the man can actually have his own constituency and he can actually win an MP slot
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