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Floating island blocks MV Kalangala docking pier in Kalangala

The floating island in Kalangala

The floating island in Kalangala

A floating island has interrupted business after blocking part of Lutoboka landing site in Kalangala district. The floating island blocked the docking pier of MV Kalangala and some beaches in Kalangala town council on Sunday.

The floating island was first sighted by fishermen on Saturday floating towards the shorelines of Lake Victoria. On Sunday, the island sailed nearer, blocking part of Lutoboka landing site, MV Kalangala docking pier and King Fisher beach.

Residents at Lutoboka landing site are worried about dangerous aquatic animals such as crocodiles and poisonous snakes that might have accompanied the island.   

However, the island has started leaving the shoreline driven by strong waves on the lake. This floating island was last cited in Ggaba in Kampala. 

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