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Kadaga’s convoy knocks three in Fort Portal

FILE PHOTO A street in Fort Portal Tourism city

FILE PHOTO A street in Fort Portal Tourism city

Three people have been rushed to Fort Portal regional referral hospital after they were knocked by one of the convoy motor vehicles escorting speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga.

The accident happened today at Booma as the injured were riding on a boda boda heading to Fort Portal Town Council. They were knocked by a police lead car Reg. No. UP 4842.

The injured include; Shamilla Mbabazi Kwezi, Aminah Kakwezi, all residents of Kiteere in West Division, Fort Portal Tourism city and Karim Mitalaa, the boda boda rider.

According to an eyewitness, the speaker’s convoy was moving on the wrong side since the road is a one-way. Louis Ngobi Muhindo, the hospital administrator confirmed that the three had been admitted. He said the two ladies have fractures on the legs.

Kadaga is currently traversing the country to lobby support for her candidature for 2nd National cice chairperson of the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party. Kadaga reportedly arrived in Fortportal aboard a police helicopter. 


-4 #1 Wainaichi 2020-08-04 00:42
No matter which way the Government convoy is moving ,it is its choice and normally all streets must be closed and cleared.

Boda boda now famous for their lunatic behavioir and curiosity probably tried to attack the onvoy since we remember that many boda bodas were in evolved before in hit and run assassinations

We congratulate to the police ti clear roads for the oncoming convoy and boda boda should just be standing by and cheering such VIP they do not have chance to do so as Rt Honorable Speaker of Parluament Revecca Kadaga
Lesson has been learnt and boda bodas be aware and wide awake Hahaha
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+2 #2 Olum S. 2020-08-04 02:40
Wow. This Madam Kadaga has really been making waves up and down the country these past few days.

First, she was the focal point in Gulu, at a gathering where Covid-19 guidelines were apparently flouted.

Now, here we have her convoy allegedly treating road traffic safety rules with open contempt.

And to cap it all, she apparently chose not to use that nuisance of a convoy, but instead travel by helicopter.

One can understand why she decided to use a chopper.

At least when way up in the air, she doesn't need to come into such close proximity with the shoddy pot-holed roads, or endure the ugly sight of the grinding poverty faced by the wanainchi along the roadside.

No, she is the Right Honourable Speaker of Parliament, therefore no expense should be spared when making certain her journeys up and down the country are thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable experiences.

Now aren't our leaders truly blessed?
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+1 #3 zzunguluzzungulu 2020-08-04 10:06
...and when her convoy choose to use the wrong side of a one way route in their most expensive narrow roads in Africa, the rest of wanainchi can go rot in hospital because they are the 'rulers" Hmmmn....!

We pray to God to treat this rulers like that 'rich man and Lazaros while in hell & heaven' according to the Bible.
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+2 #4 Odongkara 2020-08-04 16:37
@the Wainaichis of this world No matter which way the Government convoy is moving, it is it's choice!

Are you telling us that the government officials are above traffic rules and other laws? No wonder your thinking has no locus at all.

So chasing for votes for a party position as the Speaker is reportedly doing in Gulu, Fort Portal etc is carrying out government work so her convoy can flout traffic rules?

Very pathetic of you indeed. Be informed that a good leader is a servant and leads by example but I will understand where your thinking is coming from because your NRM government is not led by a servant leader as he has publicly said so but he is a warlord, a leopard so they are above the law.
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+1 #5 Lysol 2020-08-04 18:42
It seems whenever the voodoo queen goes, calamity follows. Witches always bring bad lucks with them.
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0 #6 Wainaichi 2020-08-05 01:23
You people make me laugh to tears.You are pathetic to the level of lunacy.

You are asking our leaders to be perfect and ideal while on the other hand we have many assassinations murders,robberies.What would you suggest our politicians to do?

You are never happy whatever our government is doing while you are closing your eyes and commenting on gross violations of laws and freedoms of the same citizens.

I hope you understand what I mean and it is not necessary to give you specific examples suffice to say that you carefully read some of my good and well intended comments which depict reality but you people do not like them and punch a number of minuses Why? Because you do not love Uganda and its freedoms and progrss.
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